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What should Tennis fans expect from Roger Federer at Roland Garros 2013?

May 29, 2013


Amongst all the Grand Slam surfaces, it is the red clay surface at Roland Garros, which has not been able to witness the best of Roger Federer, where he has only won once in 2009. He has been a tremendous player in blue surfaces of Australian Open as well as the US Open along with his favourite grass surface at Wimbledon. But, still Federer whenever he walks into the clay courts of Roland Garros, there is a sense of expectation brewing in the air and the opponent also comes to know about the daunting task, which lies ahead when the crowd gives him a standing ovation stating their relentless support. He is a living legend.

The crowd loves to see the best of Roger Federer, as he makes the game look so simple when in full flow. There is no dearth of quality in the competition, but Federer stands a class apart when it comes to making the game look beautiful. Audiences in Roland Garros have not been treated to the quality of Tennis, which Federer is capable of. He has shown that kind of form in all Grand Slams, barring Roland Garros. With the name of Roger Federer, the expectations rise above normal level. The fans are aware of his magic wand, which can even make the best of the best look foolish.

Tennis fans know about the fact that Roger Federer does not have much left in the tank now after his glittering career, turning pro 15 years ago. Federer, 32, might have a maximum of two to three Roland Garros left in him, including this one. Tennis fans who have been following the game closely in the last three to four years know that Fedex is past his prime and might never reach that peak again, where he made winning a habit. Hence, it would only add to the pressure, if everyone wants Federer to win his second Grand Slam title.

Even his best at present may not be able to match the qualities to that of Djokovic, Nadal, Tsonga and Ferrer at their best, who are favourites for the title. But that does not necessarily mean he is not capable of unleashing his forehand, slice, volleys, serves, one handed backhand etc to bring the crowd at Paris to a standstill. He may have lost the magician’s touch, but those skills will always remain with the player. What makes the player special is the way he comes up such shots with ease and his reaction to the shot is unlike any other player. He just treats these magical shots, as if it was a just a daily routine. It is the game of Tennis, which looks sublime with the player posing as a rare gem with silky deft touches.

He is still an artist at work and a master craftsman, who comes up with brilliant shot every now and then. One should not view him as a contender for the French Open 2013, which may leave many fans disappointed, but treat him like an entertainer, who will give us the awe feeling with his performances. And in the process, if he wins the title, it can act as an icing on the cake, which is not an impossible task, but still a huge one. With two of his major rivals, Nadal and Djokovic in the other half of the fixtures along with Murray getting injured, he has a good chance to make it to the finals, after which it all depends on who plays better on the day.

There is no better player than Federer when it comes to playing the cross courts, slice and volleys. With such kind of shots in his bag, it would be unfair for the crowd, if it does not come out of his trickery of bags. Nadal and Djokovic may be the two best players currently, but Federer ranks number one when it comes to pleasing the crowd at Roland Garros. He is still a crowd favourite purely due to his skills.

Many fans skip school, offices just to get the glimpse ofthe player, who makes the game look elegant and easy, so much so that one would think , ‘Even I can play this shot in my backyard’. With time runing out for Fedex, who knows if this is the last time one would get to see Federer at Roland Garros.


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