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What makes Radamel Falcao the most wanted striker in Europe?

May 19, 2013

falcao release contract clause

Radamel Falcao is one of the most wanted strikers in European football, so much so that cash rich clubs such as Chelsea, Monaco, Manchester City are ready to meet his release clause of above 50 million. Falcao, 27, has been a sensation ever since he signed for Atletico Madrid in 2011 (40 million) thus making his deal as the most expensive player in Atletico history. Atletico, who recently won the Copa Del Rey is ready to sell the player to improve upon their financial conditions as well and why not when they would get mega bucks in return.

What makes him a special player is his goal scoring ability, which ranks him right there amongst the top finishers of the game. The player’s record alone speaks volumes about his football skills on the pitch, which stands justified to the 36 goals scored last season and 34 till date in the ongoing season. What amazes football fanatics is the way he uses both his foot with equal proficiency to find the back of the net with ease. He can curl the ball, volley with precision (best technique involved), power shot from a distance, head the ball with accuracy and power, put the ball in between the goalie’s leg – he can do it all. He is a complete striker – a dream player for every club. But, now-a-days, such players come at a cost.

La Liga is said to be played on a technical level, whereas English Premier League is said to be the fastest league in the world demanding more than La Liga. But, he should be a good fit in the EPL as his style of play is suited to the physical demands of the EPL. The manner in which Falco outmuscles defenders bigger than him in size inside the box and creates space for himself are traits of an EPL striker. Very few strikers remain in EPL today, who can be considered to a complete package. Falcao, if he joins an EPL club this summer may stand close to become a perfect striker.  Apart from this he also uses his upper body strength to a great extent and his pace on the ball makes him a perfect fit for the EPL.

No wonder, Chelsea and Manchester City have already showed keen interest on acquiring the services of the Colombian striker, one of the hottest properties in world football. It could be a fight between these two clubs, which boast of rich owners with Chelsea owned by a Russian, Roman Abramovich  and Manchester City owned by Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister od United Arab Emirates. He could be a great fit in either of the teams and help them bring positive results. If these teams are too late to react, there are other clubs, who could just rob the EPL of a special player. It is not only the club, which would benefit if Falcao would come to EPL, as the league would also be blessed with the Colombian striker who would make the competition more intense.

He has been a consistent performer in the last two seasons, even more so than Messi and Ronaldo. These two players may have taken the world by storm at the club level, but they are yet to pass their national team colours test, which they have not been able to justify, more so Messi, who is just a mere shadow of himself when he dons the blue and white strip of Argentina. But, Falcao has been a great servant of Colombia and Atletico and if he maintains the same record in his new club (which ever it may be), he will be regarded as one of the best strikers of modern day.


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