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Luis Suarez transfer debate: Will he quit Liverpool ?

April 6, 2013

Luis Suarez transfer rumours

Luis Suarez transfer is one of the most talked about in football circles all around the world. He is probably the best player plying his trade in the English Premier League. Liverpool fans love him and his determination, which has cumulated into success while playing for Liverpool has only strengthened the relationship. This summer transfer window might well be the biggest transfer window in Liverpool’s recent history as they are to bring in a number of players to suit Brendan Rodgers style of football and most importantly hold on to Luis Suarez. It has become a hot selling topic- Luis Suarez transfer and everyone holds different views about it.

There are strong points,which helps us believe that he will stay in Liverpool while some points suggests other wise as well. But, it all depends on Suarez. Here are some reasons listed below, which might make him stay at or leave Liverpool.

Reasons – Why will he quit Liverpool?

No Champions League Football

‘No Champions League football’ is the most glaring reason for the Liverpool striker to leave the club and move forward with the hope of more trophies. A player of his quality deserves to play in the Champions League. In fact, his absence in such a competition does not do justice. It is a competition, where all top players participate and it would be shame for Luis Suarez to play in a competition like Europa League.

Clubs, which has shown some signs of interest, such as Bayern Munich, Juventus do offer Champions League football, so if these clubs come knocking at Luis Suarez’s door, he might be open about it and discuss the move over a cup of coffee. Though, there is no guarantee, he will agree to their offer.

It sounds good business for owners

John W. Henry, the owner of Liverpool Football Club has stated his desire to take the club to greater heights, but one has to remember that the owner is first a businessman and then a club owner. So, if the right price is struck , he might not think more than twice to sell the player. He would be richer by few pounds and could invest half of it into the club. In the past as well, other business minded owners have sold players for financial reasons and Henry might follow suit. It is not the passion for football that they have come into football, but with the prospect of making money.


Ever since joining Liverpool, Luis Suarez has been involved in a number of controversies and has hence been one of most hated players in the English Premier League. He has been booed in many a away matches. Even some referees claim that he dives. He normally finds on the wrong side of things. He has already earned a bad name in English football for his activities on the pitch, so in order to improve upon his negative image, he might quit EPL and join some other league, where he will not be seen as a diver nor a trouble maker.

Reasons – Why he will not quit Liverpool?

Loves Liverpool and has settled down easily

Being a footballer does not necessarily mean winning trophies, as first – one is a human being and other things follow. Hence, it is very important for a footballer to be happy with the way things are going on and in Liverpool, he is one of the happiest person with his wife and child having adjusted to life in Liverpool. He has always gone on record and stated that he is very happy and settled in Liverpool, which should please the Liverpool fans.

Liverpool fans are said to be one of the best in the world and they are very loyal towards the club and loves those players who give it their all. Luis Suarez definitely fits this Liverpool bill. Fans love Suarez and Suarez loves them back as well. This relation between fans and Suarez may prove to be a very important reason for Luis not leaving Liverpool.

Successful record

Luis Suarez has been one of the most successful players for Liverpool after having signed in 2011. He has scored an incredible 35 plus goals so early in his career. Past Liverpool players have already drawn comparison with some of the legends of the club. He was known as a good player when he was playing for Ajax, but after he turned out for Liverpool, he has become a better player and has earned applause from football pundits all over the world. He has all the credential to be a Liverpool legend if he sticks to Liverpool. He does not want to be another Fernando Torres, who moved from Liverpool to Chelsea and gradually lost his touch and class as a footballer.

Part of BR future plans

When Brendan Rodgers was handed the most coveted job of managing Liverpool Football Club, he was a horse for the long run. He immediately wanted to make Luis Suarez a part of his future plan, so he gave him a lucrative offer. This season, he has justified the deal by being the best player in Liverpool jersey scoring more than 20 goals in the EPL. He is an important part of BR’s plan, where in fact, the team has been build around Suarez. Sturridge and Coutinho had been signed in the January transfer window to reduce the pressure on Suarez and let him showcase his free flowing game. He has exactly done that and has even looked better with every passing game. So, when future deals are going to be made on the offensive line, it is going to be do done to suit Suarez’s need and most importantly Liverpool’s.

Contract till 2018

It was only early this season that Luis Suarez signed a lucrative deal with Liverpool, where he agreed to a contract extending up to 2018. The professional he is, believes in finishing his contract before making a move to some other clubs. He spent four seasons with Ajax before committing to Liverpool, so one can expect the same kind of dedication this time around as well.

But, Liverpool fans still fear for Luis Suarez, who has expressed his love for Liverpool and play for the club in future years as well. But was this not what once Liverpool’s favourite son, Fernando Torres said? After which, he moved to Chelsea and has been called traitor by Liverpool fans since then.


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