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Luis Suarez clashes with Scott Parker and Dembele

March 11, 2013

Suarez and Dembele clash

Liverpool’s Luis Suarez and Tottenham’s Scott Parker was at the thick of things once again after Suarez received a yellow card after he kicked Parker in the stomach last season. Their rivalry was evident when they were not letting the other player go without a fight during the match, which was eventually won by Liverpool, 3-2 at Anfield yesterday.

A similar episode nearly abrupted like last season. In the centre of the pitch, Luis Suarez and Scott Parker once again was involved in a tackle, which angered both the players. But, it was good to see the players calm down before anything untoward happened and spoil the entertaining game. When the tackle took place, both Suarez’s and Parker’s feet got tangled as a result, tempers were high for a moment, but the referee without showing a card to either helped them move into opposite directions.

This was not the only time, when Suarez was angered by Tottenham players. There was an instance when Luis Suarez and Dembele nearly had a go at one another. In fact, it was this tussle, which could have made things worse, as they had caught one another by the scruff of the neck. Somehow things again cooled down and no card was shown.

When the final whistle blew, one thought that the players had cooled down, but it was not to be as the Liverpool’s striker was once again confronted by Dembele – Brad Jones, Agger also got into the picture and pulled Dumbele to avert worse scenes.

One has to give credit the way the referee, Michael Oliver managed to handle a game, where tempers were soaring high.


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