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Daniel Sturridge return will boost Liverpool chances against Tottenham Hotspur

March 9, 2013

Sturridge partnership with Suarez

Two months with Liverpool and Daniel Sturridge has already become an important part of the Liverpool team and hence loved by the fans as well. His return to EPL action in an all important clash against Tottenham Hotspur would only strengthen Liverpool’s chances of winning the match. His partnership against Luis Suarez has been admired by experts and fans all over making them lethal in front of goal.

There is no doubt about the fact that Liverpool is playing their best football in recent times. Tottenham Hotspur goalie, Lloris even said that Liverpool is playing the best football in the English Premier League. Most of the credit goes to Luis Suarez along with Daniel Sturridge, with the former being the highest scorer in the EPL as of now.

Daniel Sturridge inclusion for Tottenham’s game means that Liverpool would look more lethal upfront, even more than what they looked at DW stadium against Wigan. Sturridge, Suarez and Philippe Coutinho would form the offensive line at Anfield on Sunday. This line up has all the credential to topple the best of the defenders in the league. Coutinho also has also been an impressive player ever since he wore Liverpool’s no. 10 jersey.

Luis Suarez was in top form even when these players had not arrived. During that time, he carried the goal scoring burden on his shoulders. But, Liverpool sometimes depended too much on the player. Too much was being asked from the Uruguayan striker. Now, the player with Daniel Sturridge has developed an immediate understanding, which has augured well for Brendan Rodgers. Their understanding between one another on the football pitch shows as if they have been playing alongside for more than 2-3 years, but this is for the first time that the players have played together. One can only see this partnership to improve.

With Sturridge, the goal scoring pressure on Suarez has reduced tremendously as a result of which, Liverpool fans have started to see the best of Suarez in Liverpool jersey.  Daniel Sturridge has already hit the ground running with goals against big teams such as Manchester United and City. Is another goal on the cards for Sturridge against Tottenham, who has been playing well against primarily all EPL teams?

Sturridge has given Suarez free runs down the straight with few dummies and vice versa – another example of their deep understanding. This partnership has troubled the best of the defenders in the league and one can expect the same at Anfield as well against Tottenham Hotspur.


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