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Liverpool fans chant songs for Rafa Benitez, Luis Garcia and Dietmar Hamann

March 3, 2013

Liverpool fans chant and support Benitez

Liverpool fans are known as one of the best in the world for their relentless support and their last EPL game against Wigan Athletic justified it. During the impressive performance by the players in red playing away at DW stadium, the fans were chanting the names of former legends, such as Dietmar Hamann, Luis Garcia, Kenny Dalglish, and most importantly Rafa Benitez, who has been unwanted by Chelsea fans, but Liverpool with their chant showed how special a place Benitez still holds for Liverpool. Once a legend, always a legend, no matter what!

The travelling fans as expected were outnumbered by the Wigan fans, but were vocal throughout the match, as their team were running riot against Wigan. Luis Suarez, Steven Gerrard, Pepe Reina and Coutinho were the heroes of the night. It was even more special to notice that the Liverpool fans already have a song for the Brazilian, Coutinho. It just proves how Liverpool fans have accepted the player with both hands.

Players who have left the club after spending some glorious years at Anfield do not hesitate to speak their heart out about their love affair with Anfield. Garcia, Alonso and Hamman were some of the most beloved players of the club, but when these players had to leave the club, Liverpool fans bid them bye with tears in their eye, as they had given their best for Liverpool and had helped them win many matches along with glorious European nights.  These players through twitter and various forms of media still support Liverpool.

Yesterday, Luis Garcia was pleased to know when he got to know that his name chants over at DW stadium by the Liverpool fans. He expressed his thanks over in Twitter as well to the Liverpool fans.



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