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Top three contenders for PFA Players’ Player of the Year Award

March 2, 2013

Though, the English Premier League 2012-2013 season has not come to an end, but it has already given memories to cherish for a very long time, all thanks to the top footballers in the English Premier League. Top players from various clubs have showcased their skills in such a manner that they have already been tagged as one of the favourite to win the coveted PFA Players’ Player of the Year Award.

The three players which immediately springs to one’s mind are Rob Van Persie, Gareth Bale and Luis Suarez, who have taken the Premier League by storm with their goal scoring performances on the pitch. These three players are also the top three scorers in the English Premier League with Van Persie at the top with 19 goals and close on his heels is the controversial yet brilliant Luis Suarez with 18 goals. Gareth Bale, who is expected to receive a large number of offers from the best clubs across Europe in the summer transfer window is third on the list with 15 goals. But, it is not goals alone that determine the quality of the player. There is more than what meets the eye in the English Premier League, which is one of the most competitive league of the world.

Robin Van Persie has been an exceptional player for Manchester United scoring in primarily all their matches. The player after signing from Arsenal has been a thaw for defenders in the English Premier League. He is a striker that every team would love to have in their squad list. He knows exactly how to make space for himself and increase his goal scoring chances. Around the penalty area, he is the most dangerous striker in the Premier League. With the number of world class players providing him assist such as Wayne Rooney, Ryan Giggs, Carrick etc – makes it easier for the player to score goals.

Gareth Bale, of late has come up with such performances, where he has drawn comparison with two of the best players of world football at present – Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. Bale is one of the complete players in the English Premier League, who does not belong to the category of a number 9 (striker), but someone who plays alongside the striker in a attacking role. He has been a nuisance for defenders on the wings with the ball on his feet, where his turn of pace is world class and even catches the swiftest of the defenders unaware. His all round ability also includes his free kicks and his head work, which has helped him in scoring a number of goals this season.

Luis Suarez has been Liverpool’s best player in the English Premier League by a distant margin. Had Luis Suarez not been in good form this season, Liverpool might not have even found a place in the top half of the table. He has been the difference between a defeat and victory for Liverpool on many counts. If Suarez fails, Liverpool has also failed this season. What makes the Uruguayan lad special is the burden that he carried on his shoulders in an absence of any genuine striker after the season started for Liverpool. He is coming to a league of his own after the arrival of Daniel Sturridge thus flourishing playing alongside Sturridge as well. He might have landed in controversy for a number of reasons, but with the ball on his feet, he has some silky and magical touches to bamboozle defenders and make them look foolish.

With around 10 more matches to go in the English Premier League, these players need to maintain the same level of excellence and help their team win matches. There are some outside contenders for the title as well with players such as Michu from Swansea and Juan Mata from Chelsea turning also showcasing their skills during the season.



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  1. Nobody deserves it more than Suarex.

  2. Samuel irabor permalink

    It’s suarez

  3. James felix aka survey permalink

    Eden Hazard is the best

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