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The mysterious case of Reeva Steenkamp and Oscar Pistorius

February 18, 2013

Reeva Steenkamp

Reeva Steenkamp is dead. It is a fact. But, did Oscar Pistorius kill her on purpose or by accident remains to be a million dollar question.  Initially, it was thought that Pistorius shot four bullets at her, which left her in a pool of blood. Later, reports began to surface that it was a valentine surprise gone terribly wrong, while some claim that Pistorius shot at her thinking to be an intruder. His family is on his back and is sure that Pistorius is not guilty. As per the latest reports, the South African police found a bloodied cricket bat in his Pretoria home. So what next?

The case is looking very grave as the police has not been able to come up with a credible evidence to suggest anything. When the first hearing took place on Friday, Oscar could not control his tears on court. The second hearing is expected to take place tomorrow and that could be a big day for Oscar Pistorius. If found guilty, it might be even very difficult to get him a bail.

But, there are witnesses, which suggests that the person was guilty. According to some friends and neighbours, when they reached the scene of crime, they saw Oscar with his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in her arms and was keen to save the girl. It has even been reported that a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation medical procedure was also followed by Pistorius.

But, there are a number of questions, which makes us think on the contrary as well. In the past there were calls to the police from his house in Pretoria for domestic violence, which only puts the amputee athlete in the wrong light. There are a number of important details and evidences, which the police have collected , but that have been kept secret, so it is not out in the open. It has also been reported that the girls skull had been crushed, which makes the case stronger for the police to punish him for murder, after a bloodied cricket bat was recovered from his home.

But, it would not be possible as to what would exactly happen tomorrow in the hearing, but it is for sure that opinions are divided about the entire episode. The decision of the court would be final.



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