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2013 All Star weekend: Sprite Dunk contest and Foot Locker Three Point contest

February 16, 2013

All Star 2013 Dunk contest participitants

The All Star weekend is one of the most awaited event in the basketball calendar year in America. Apart from the 2013 All Star game between the Eastern and the Western conference at Houston, it is the Sprite Dunk contest and the Foot Locker Three Point contest, which grabs the most number of eyeballs on the tele.

As usual, the contest is going to be top notch among the number of participants in the two contests. Gerald Green, Terrence Ross, James White, Eric Bledsoe, Jeremy Evans and Kenneth Faried are the six participants in the dunk contest. All these players would love to come up with a high flying, acrobatic, unique dunk – a dunk, which would help them win the title.

Eric Bledsoe from LA Clippers, the only guard to be in the dunk contest stands a good chance, if he comes up with some new tricks up his sleeve. He has shown what he is capable of on the court with his speed and agility. It is time for him to fly high amongst other top contenders. Many would not have thought that the animal, Kenneth Faried from Denver might be the surprise of the pack as it would be interesting to see what he can bring to the plate on his own.

Gerald Green, the winner of the Slam Dunk contest 2007 would spice up the contest, as he is sure to bring some big dunks to the floor and lit up the audience. Terence Ross has had as many as 24 dunks this season and we have seen what the player can do from open play, but it would be interesting to see how high can he fly or how special a dunker he can be among the line up of top dunkers. Another contender, James White has been a good talent in the NBA and with this 2013 dunk contests, he can showcase people all over that he belongs to this league. Jeremy Evans, the defending champion showed his class last year and would like to win this year as well, but things do not look easy for the player.

The Foot Locker three point contest are going to be different from the dunk contests, where the entertainment factor may be less as compared to the three point contest. But take nothing way from the contest, as it is going to showcase some of the best three point shooters of the current season. As far as the three point contest goes, the six players participating are Paul George, Kyrie Irving, Steve Novak, Ryan Anderson, Matt Boner and Stephen Curry. All of these players stand a great chance to win the title. The player who shoots best on the day will walk away with the title.


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