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Indian Cricket debate: Virat Kohli should replace Dhoni as Test captain

December 22, 2012

Kohli India captain


After a string of unimpressive performances by the Indian team under the leadership of MS Dhoni, voices are being raised from several quarters asking for the sacking of MS Dhoni as captain of the Test side.  One has to note that as an ODI captain and an ODI player, he holds a good record, but it is the longer format of the game, which raises doubt about the player. But, there are not many choices as well to replace Dhoni. One of the most likely candidates is Virat Kohli. But does he have it in him to captain a Test side so early on his career?

Virat Kohli has been a good leader as he has captained his Ranji side, Delhi to glory as well as the under-19 Indian team, which won the U-19 world cup during his reign. So, his resume has credentials, which support his case with an experience of four years of international cricket. But we are talking about international cricket, where the competition is of top class and the pressures second to none. No one would like to see Virat Kohli coming under pressure and lose his batting confidence, as has happened in the past with players like Sachin Tendulkar, when he was handed over the Indian team captaincy.

Virat is an aggressive cricketer and sometimes his behaviour on the field has made Indian fans cover their face with embarrassment. But the players of today are lot more aggressive than those days of Gavaskar, Kapil Dev etc. Virat knows no fear. He is straight on your face – type of player. It is this approach, which might make the Indian team a stronger unit. Remember how Sourav Ganguly became one of the best captains of Indian cricket – he too had no fear and was among one of the first Indian captain who gave it back to the Aussies on their face. He was someone who never gave up without a fight. VIrat Kohli belongs to the league of Ganguly.

But, the Indian team captaincy has to change right now with the next Test series with Australia at home. MS Dhoni has lost his confidence as an Indian captain in the Test arena, as India’s recent performance in the series reflects. It would not be surprising if the touring Aussies team defeat the Indians at home, if MS Dhoni still remains the captain of the Indian team. MS Dhoni has lost the hunger to take the Indian Test team to greater heights. Hence, Virat Kohli needs to be handed over the captaincy of the Indian Test team.

If this does indeed happen, should MS Dhoni get selected as an Indian wicket-keeper? No, I would say, for the best years are behind him with the bat and he has never been a great wicket-keeper. So, with his exclusion as the wicket-keeper from the Test team, W. Saha should get a look in. He may not be one of the best wicket-keeper batsmen, but no one doubts about the quality of the keeper behind his batsmen. And as far as his batting goes, he can definitely improve as he is a decent batsman. He may fall in the bracket of Nayan Mongia, who developed his batting skills later.

Of late, what he have seen is that Virat is that he is always one of the most active players on the field who jells very well with both the seniors and juniours. He is liked by all the players in the team, which does not seem to be the case with Dhoni. So this jellying factor should keep him in good stead as the Indian captain.


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  1. Dhoni’s captaincy in the T20 was frightful today! They definitely need to be looking for someone new, but I don’t see any obvious candidates.

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