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Fellani’s headbutt incident leads him to three match suspension

December 18, 2012

Fellani headbutt Shawcross

Marouane Fellani deservedly has been banned for three matches by the Football Association after his unwarranted headbutt to Stoke captain, Ryan Shawcross in an EPL fixture played last weekend at the Britannia stadium. The Belgian player, Fellani should consider himself lucky during the game, as the player could have been easily sent off for an offense with such magnitude. But, to the amusement of the Stoke fans, he was not even booked, as the referees missed the particular incident.

The Belgian was getting frustrated as Everton were not able to play the kind of game, which they had planned. It was all due to the physical approach of Tony Pulis’ side, which has been talked about a lot. But one has to concede that Fellani should not have taken it out against Shawcross, who is one of the best defenders of the EPL. The best way to answer their approach was by scoring a goal and win the game for Everton.

But, the Football Association has once again showed no tolerance against such kind of acts, which makes the Premier League one of the most strict league in the world. It has to be punished, else the league will take on a different course and it could be difficult for them to handle. There have been times, when some decision of their’s have been scrutinized, but this three match ban handed over to Fellani will not fall in that bracket. Even Everton’s boss is not happy with Fellani’s headbutt, which could also see the club slapping a fine of GBP 150,000. Though, the player has apologised for his actions, but it is the club, which is going to suffer a lot from his absence, as he has been one of their best players for Everton.

Later during the game as well, Fellani was involved in some other incidents, but it was not as big as the headbutt incident, which bagged headlines all over the world. Though some football pundits feels that his other elbow and his hand smash incidents also needs to come under the scanner.



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