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Will David Luiz be a good midfielder?

December 13, 2012

David Luiz Midfielder

David Luiz has played as a defender for Chelsea managers in the past, but Rafael Benitez wants to try out new things with this talented Brazilian player, as he was handed a start in the defensive midfield position by Rafa Benitez against Monterrey in the ongoing FIFA Club World Cup, where the player has the much required potential and skill to fulfill the position and come out successful.

There have been numerous instances, when the player has scored goals from open play, as well as take penalty kicks for the club. Is this the work of the defender or a midfielder/forward? He does not mind passing the ball 30 yards down the pitch to strikers and players in an offensive position. Apart from this, he is a good dribbler, uses both his feet, has tricks down his sleeve, good passing ability etc. These are the skills that has been spotted by Chelsea’s interim manager, Rafa Benitez, hence he has taken a gutsy move to change the defender’s position as of now into a defensive midfielder’s role.

If Benitez deploys the player in this position in the future matches during the EPL, it should auger well for the team. Chelsea during the reign of Di Matteo basically played Ramires and Mikel as holding midfielders, but Benitez has come up with the idea of playing Luiz in this holding position, which might go well or hit back at the manager, who has not been appreciated by fans. Both these players were impressive breaking down important ball, but both these players lacked creativity as far as passing long balls were concerned and their ability in front of goal, especially Mikel’s.

Luiz’s absence from the heart of Chelsea’s defense should not be a problem for the club as well, for there are a number of defenders in the team, who can don the role of a central defender, such as Terry, Ivanovic, Cahill. They are world class defenders and can do without Luiz as their main defensive line. In fact, it might be better for the club, as Luiz has been seen on sometimes taking the ball on his own upfront from the back line and splitting his defense open for the opponent’s attack – conceding a goal or not falling back to the defense line on time. All these shows that the player loves to play upfront and Rafa has given him a chance to prove his skills in the holding position. If he is successful in it, it would only help Chelsea and the player.

The player may not be a world class midfielder, but he certainly has the attributes to play this role for the club. One needs to give time and see his performances in the holding midfielder position, if it brings positive results for the club, why not make the move a permanent one. As far his debut in the holding midfielder position is concerned, Chelsea fans appreciated his game. Very few were unsatisfied.


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