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India lose against Pakistan, fourth in Hockey Champions Trophy

December 9, 2012

India and Pakistan Hockey

After an impressive outing in the group stages of the 2012 Hockey Champions Trophy in Melbourne, India looked well on course for at least a medal after 30 years without a Champions Trophy medal. But, India was once again unlucky to finish fourth in the tournament, after they lost 3-0 against the Australians (semi-finals) and 3-2 against Pakistan in the Bronze medal match early today.

The score was leveled 2-2, until Pakistan’s player, Muhammad Ateeq scored a goal with just five minutes left to play in the game. It broke many Indian hearts ay home as well as in the stadium, who were watching the game o the tele screen or in the stadium.

Initially, India had stood the test against the Pakistanis taking an early lead with VR Raghunath’s penalty corner conversion. But, after which the Pakistani players fought well and came back from 1-0 to win the game 3-2. India in spite of their attacking play was not able to get through the defences of Pakistan. India looked disheartened after the final hooter was blown, but, the Indians should walk with their head held high to finish fourth in the competition.

The Indians may be returning home without any medal, but it has raised hopes of millions of people, who still follow the game. Many experts had even counted the Indians out before they landed in Australia as well for the elusive Champions Trophy, where the top eight nations of the world fight for the title. This tournament could well play an important role in helping Indian hockey move in the right direction – forward. They should use this competition success as a confidence builder for tournaments that India are going to participate in the near future.


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