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Sebastian Vettel – 2012 F1 champion after a dramatic Brazilian GP

November 25, 2012

Sebastian Vettel, Brazilian GP, dramatic F1 season

Sebastian Vettel won the 2012 F1 title, but not after some utter chaos in the first lap of the Brazilian Grand Prix, where Vettel had also crashed, after which his team, Red Bull through the radio said that the car cannot be repaired as a result of which, the defending champion had to drive his damaged car to win the title, else it would have been Alonso’s. In spite of finishing sixth in the deciding race of the season, it was the German driver, Vettel, who took the coveted title for the third time in his career. It was one of the closest title races with Vettel clinching the title by just three points, with 281 to Alonso’s 278 points.

The race was won by Jenson Button followed by Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. Even an outstanding race by Alonso could not strip Vettel of the title, which he won last season as well. The rain also played an important role in making the race interesting on the wet track, which tested the skills of the F1 driver. One has to say that not everyone passed the tough driving test under severe pressure. Many crumbled.

There were instances when Alonso looked sure of clinching the title in the last race of the season, but some little mistakes here and there cost him the chance to lift the title as well. One also has to give credit to the German driver, Vettel, who came back from the 22nd position to finish on the sixth position. Even, if this was not enough; one look at the 2012 F1 season suggests that Sebastian Vettel deserved to walk away with the driver’s championship with 5 Grand Prix wins during the season.


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