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Mark Clattenburg, Andre Marriner and assistant referees talking point of EPL

October 29, 2012

Mark Clattenburg, Andre Marriner

The English Premier League is considered to be one of the best domestic leagues around the world with La Liga coming a close second. Not all may agree with it. The poor decisions over important weekend fixtures involving Manchester United Vs Chelsea and Everton Vs Liverpool does not support the cause of the EPL. The officials involved in the game did not give a very good account of themselves and as a result of which, it was Liverpool and Chelsea would consider themselves unlucky.

During the Merseyside derby, the most controversial decision came in the final stages of the game, when Luis Suarez seemed to have scored after Coates headed the ball in front of goal in Suarez’s path after Gerrard’s delivery from the dead ball situation. Luis Suarez with his back against the assistant referee started to celebrate thinking it was three points for Liverpool, but the referee’s assistant had raised the flag for an offside. Replays suggested something else, Suarez was onside, so his goal should have stood. The Everton Manager, David Moyes also accepted later that it was not an offside.

Liverpool has had an unlucky campaign, where they have not got the rub of the green from referees. They have mostly been on the receiving end of bad refereeing decisions. But, there was an instance during the game, when Andre Marriner should have flashed his red card to Suarez after his reckless challenge on Distin. Once again replays suggested Suarez did not deserve to stay on the pitch after that challenge.

During the Manchester United and Chelsea’s game, it was Mark Clattenburg, who was the talking point for two controversial red cards that was shown to Ivanovic and Fernando Torres. When the Chelsea fans were just digesting Ivanovic departure, Clattenburg committed a huge mistake, when he booked Fernando Torres for diving. It was his second yellow card, hence the red. Chelsea fans could not believe what they were up to with the score reading 2-2 with only 9 Chelsea players on the pitch. It was in fact, Evans , who was to be booked for fouling Torres (Torres had not dived) along the ankle.

The Chelsea fans suffered some more human errors, with the assistant referee failing to spot Hernandez offside position while scoring the final goal of the match, which resulted in a Manchester United victory. Football experts were livid with the decisions that was made by Clattenburg, where one of the ESPN football pundits claimed Clattenburg to be the worst EPL referee.

Referees play an important role in determining the fate of the match, as it was witnessed during the recent important weekend fixtures. It is understood that only the best referees are included in the EPL, where they undergo fitness training to cope up with the growing demands of the EPL. But, the English FA should award important matches only to experienced referees who will handle pressure calmly as it comes along their way. Showing red cards or being extra strict does not make one a good referee, but controlling the game with the whistle and gaining respect from players for his decisions makes him a respectable referee.


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