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Rohit Sharma – waste of talent

October 20, 2012

Rohit Sharma has wasted his talent

Every time Rohit Sharma walks into the middle to bat, the crowd along with commentators anticipate a solid performance from the Indian batsmen. But, more often or not he has been disappointing with his performance, which can be termed as waste of talent. Rohit Sharma has been characterised by talent ever since he made his debut for India, but he has not done any justice to his potential. When will he deliver or rather the question should be – will he ever deliver?

There is no doubt about the quality of the player, but he needs to score consistently in whatever format he plays in. Flashes of brilliance will not grant him a special status that has been achieved by Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, Laxman etc. None of the mentioned players had such talent at such an early age as Rohit Shrama had, apart from Tendulkar, who was born with a cricket bat in his hand. He belonged to a league of his own. Ganguly, Dravid and Laxman worked hard with determination to be called one of the greatest Indian batsmen. They might not have been talented as Rohit, but their will power was something, which seems to be absent in Rohit’s dictionary.

It has been five years since the batsmen from Mumbai made his international debut, but still, he has not been able to cement his place in any format of the game, apart from T20. It is not surprising for the player, but embarrassing to not establish himself as a regular part of the Indian team. He has played 85 ODI’s for India, where has scored only 1974 runs at an average of 30 runs, which is not justified. He has given a number of chances to prove his worth at the highest level, as the selectors are aware of Rohit’s talent. But, for how long will the selectors have faith in the players, when other players are also knocking on the Indian team door. With his talent, he should walk into any Test team, but he has not done so, as his record in the 50 over format does not impress the selectors to promote him to the Test level.

He should learn a thing or two about grabbing opportunity with both hands from Virat Kohli, who may not be as talented as Rohit, but he has not looked back since he got a chance to play for India. He made his debut one year later after Sharma did and look where both these players stand presently. Rohit is still being known as a talented batsmen , on the other hand Virat is being referred as one of the best batsmen of the modern era. Kohli reached this level with great amount of hard work and determination, without which he would also had been another Rohit Sharma, who is in the Indian team just for his talent.

Rohit has all the shots in the book, but it is the way he goes about his things. He gives his wickets too easily and plays some rash shots to make it easier for the bowler to dismiss the player. He is also taking his talent for granted . He should not wait for the day until he realises that his strongest point – talent is also his weak point. It might be too late.


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