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Different shades of Torres in Chelsea and Liverpool colours

September 27, 2012


Fernando Torres has still not proved his worth as a GBP 50 million player in Chelsea colours. Chelsea fans are still waiting to see the best of Fernando Torres, who used to instill fear with his name on the team sheet. That was only when he played for Liverpool, where he was hailed as one of the best strikers to ever wear Liverpool’s jersey no 9. It is time for the player to showcase his magic against Arsenal and get applauds from Chelsea fans, who have been patient with the striker.

Torres record in Chelsea colours has been awful, by the least. He has only scored 9 goals for Chelsea since he signed from Liverpool in 2011. The Chelsea think-tank brought the Liverpool striker hoping to replicate what he had done for Liverpool, where he scored 65 goals. It was during his Liverpool days that he used to step up a gear when he played against bigger teams. The same is expected when Chelsea play Arsenal during the weekend.

But one has to understand that Chelsea brought the Liverpool forward when he was out of form at Anfield. After which, the player has not been able to show that kind of form, which made him a world class striker. It is surprising to see a player of such class to see struggling in front of goal. But, on the positive side, he has been improving game by game and looks hungry than last season.

Last season, he had an excuse of not playing well – was used as a substitute in many matches. Didier Drogba was the first choice striker, but even when both the players played up front, he lacked penetration in front of goal. This season, he is their main striker – he has to perform. He loves the responsibility of scoring goals as he handled the tag of being the most important striker for Liverpool. So, there should be no question of pressure. He has been given a start in most of the matches that Chelsea played, hoping to get the player back into form.

Torres should make best use of the present players in the Chelsea squad, who can provide him the much needed assists. Jaun Mata, Oscar, Hazard, Lampard just to name a few fall in this bracket of top quality players who can help Torres score goals. Whenever he has got a chance to score, he has been far from best. But during his Liverpool days, he had made it a habit of scoring even from the most of the difficult situations. He won many matches single-handedly. But in Chelsea colours, he has not been able to score in open net situations also. Remember his miss against Manchester United with his left foot.

Torres may not have lost his pace but it is the confidence level , which has dipped tremendously. In each sport, the confidence factor plays a very important role. Compare Falcao with Torres, and their confidence level. There is a huge difference, hence one has been successful while the other has not been at all.

‘Cometh the hour, cometh the man’ must be the cry of the Chelsea fans, who knows about the class the player possess. But, he has not been able to show his class in the field, which just bamboozles the Chelsea fans. A match winning performance against the gunners would do wonders to his confidence and game. Arsenal players are aware of the threat that the players brings to the table, hence, they are going to make it tough for him. It is during such situations, where Torres rises to the occasion and comes up with his best. Ask Liverpool fans about his performances against top clubs. They would only praise the player.


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