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Was John Halsey wrong? Did Jonjo Shelvey deserve a red card?

September 24, 2012

Shelvey and Evans tackle, Shelvey red card

If Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra was the talking point last year in the Manchester United and Liverpool fixtures, it was Jonjo Shelvey and Mark Halsey who were the talking point as soon as the Liverpool midfielder received his marching orders from referee Halsey. In both the cases, it was the Liverpool team, which had to suffer.

Halsey unleashed his red card as soon as he saw the Liverpool player going in for a two footed challenge. But was it such an offense , where Halsey had to show the dreaded colour red card at that moment. It is open for debate. For Manchester United fans, it is a straight red and for Liverpool fans, it is not even a yellow. One has to understand that , two footed challenge results in a straight red, but not when the player gets a portion of the ball. To be fair on Shelvey’s part, he was clearly going in for the ball. But, the safety of the players are given utmost importance.

Manchester United players in the bench and on the ground made that Shelvey offense like a crime, as players ran to the referee asking him to show the card and the most noticeable character was Rio Ferdinand who looked animated, at the least to see such a ruthless challenge by the Liverpool youngster. Ferguson, on the touch line was shouting his throat out for the same. Soon the Manchester and Liverpool players crowded the referee and it looked as if the referee got to the pressure and flashed the red card. Shelvey was gone just minutes before the team were heading towards the tunnel for the break.

But, what the Manchester United fans did not see was the replay which clearly stated that even Evans had gone in with two footed challenge. Some images and replays suggests that Evans was the culprit. But, it was Shelvey, who had gone in first – which caught everyone’s eye, including the main man – Halsey’s. So to be fair, if Liverpool were reduced to 10 men, Manchester United also deserved the same treatment.

For many fans who just wanted a quality match, the red card decision dis-balanced the equation and a fiery second half was thrown out of the window – all thanks to Halsey. But, truth is stranger than fiction. Liverpool lost the game, in spite of being a better team on the park, even with a man behind. They cannot change the scores no matter how many times they come up and complain about Halsey decisions, which also includes the penalty. It is better if the neutral fans decide, as to was it fair or unfair for Liverpool?


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  1. Wiamah permalink

    LFC this struggled is just for a season, we shall over come this nightmare very soon. Hillsborough incident, failed to spent, injuries worries, etc is just for a while. We shall get to the top very soon. Let us keep the faith..

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