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Will Luis Suarez shake hands with Partice Evra?

September 21, 2012

Luis Suarez and Partice Evra handshake

Before the game between Liverpool and Manchester United kicks off during the weekend, all eyes would be on two players, Partice Evra and Luis Suarez, who have tried to stay away from one another after the racist episode that supposedly took place at Anfield last year. It was for this incident that Suarez was slapped a 8 match ban, which seemed to be unjust and fair.

So after the incident, when these two teams met at Old Trafford last season, Luis Suarez did not shake hands with the French defender, which once again put a bad light across Suarez. Though, later he aplogolised for his act. But, after which, Suarez became a target for supporters of other clubs, where he was booed off many times. It was a test of his character.

But, this time around there is a good chance that these two players will involve in a hand shake and start the game in a positive manner, unlike the last time they played in the EPL fixtures last year at Old Trafford. As a matter of respect for Hillsborough incident, these two players would shake hands with one another, else it could be disrespect for those people who lost their lives in the 1989 tragedy.

Alex Ferguson has made it clear that his team will support Liverpool in every-way that it can, which increases the chances of the handshake. But to be fair, the Manchester United player had offered the handshake last year as well. If these players do not shake hands, it is only going to play a very bad role in the relationship between Liverpool and Manchester United and the beautiful game would come into disrepute.

Irrespective of the handshake, these two players would still have that fire in them to go at one another in the field by their brilliant display in the field. Liverpool fans would love to see Suarez playing his best and taking Evra one on one in the field and making him twist and turn with his dribbling skills and score a goal. Manchester United fans would prefer Evra to out run the Liverpool star and not give any chance to Suarez.

At the end of the game too, the cameras would be searching for Evra and Suarez for the turn of events. The best things that could happen – Evra and Suarez changing jerseys and hugging one another. It could well be the highlight of the season.


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