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Mother of all battles : Liverpool Vs Manchester United preview

September 20, 2012

Liverpool Manchester United

Liverpool Vs Manchester United fixtures are mother of all battles, irrespective of the competition. It is one of the biggest rivalry in world club football. It is a match , where the game is expected to be played in a high tempo with tackles flying low and high, unparalleled tension amongst the respective supporters are some of the things that one can expect from the Premier League fixture, which is going to played at Liverpool’s home ground, Anfield on 23 September 2012.

Liverpool has had a disastrous start to the 2012 EPl season, as they have not won a single game so far. They are lying 17th in the EPL standings. From the previous past, no one ever remembers Liverpool at the bottom half of the table. Manchester United, who are placed second is not going to make their life any easier when they travel to Anfield. It would be a crime if anyone ever thinks that the game would be an easy outing for either sides irrespective of the recent contrasting form.

In all the matches Liverpool has played so far, they have not looked a bad unit under their new manager, Brendan Rodgers. They have played higher up the pitch with a stronger intent of scoring goals, which has been their major problem. Even the likes of Borini, Suarez, Gerrard have failed to outscore their opponents. They have lacked quality in the final third. Liverpool has only scored 3 goals this season and compare that to Manchester United’s 10 goals. This kind of goal scoring record would only have an negative impact on the players. One positive thing for Liverpool supporters remain – Liverpool look a different side when they play against top quality teams. Their match against Manchester City is testimonial to the said fact.

Manchester United has already lost once in the EPL, hence a loss against Liverpool would be disastrous. They are not like Liverpool, who would be satisfied with a top four finish. They are here to win the EPl title. So, they will go all out against one of their old time rivals. Players such as Van Perise, Kagawa, Giggs are looking in great touch hence, the Liverpool back four along with Reina will have their work cut out while dealing with such creative attacking players. Agger and Skrtel have been a great defensive pair and they need to prove it against such teams to stamp mark their quality. Even if Wayne Rooney does not play in the game, Alex Ferguson does not need to worry with players like Hernandez at his disposal, who has a knack of scoring goals.

But, when these two teams clash, the form book goes out of the window and their players try to outdo their opponents during the game with the hope of bringing laurels to the club. Hence, the team which plays well on that given time frame of 90 minutes will walk away a happier side.


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  1. Nicholls Media permalink

    Can’t wait for this weekend. What a game this will be. Liverpool completely out of sorts, looking for their first league win since May. United haven’t quite been at their best this year, but a decent start nevertheless. I predict a draw, on what will be a difficult day.

    • I have always seen Liverpool turning the tables around when they play against the top four of the EPL. The game needs Liverpool to win.

  2. mbezi permalink

    anfield is among the stadia fergie doesnt want to visit at this point of the season when his team isnt performing upto his expectation and puting in mind that bad feelings between that exist between the fans for each other.

    • Neither of the teams are performing as they are expected to be, but cometh the hour , cometh the quality…..The game just calls for an exciting sunday.

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