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lndia will not win the 2012 T20 World Cup

September 19, 2012

Many may not agree with the title straight away. But, truth is always stranger than fiction. India may be one of the favourites for the tile, which I also agree. But it is only due to the strong batting line up , which India posses that has tilted the balance ‘just slightly’ in favour of India. If we look at the Indian bowlers, we have always drawn a sorry figure, irrespective of the format and this bowling line up looks – just mediocre.

The only ray of hope in the Indian bowling up is not Zaheer, which many of us have been stating. It is R. Ashwin who has been doing consistently well in all formats of the game including the recent T20 ventures in national colours, leave apart IPL. He has a good understanding of the game along with his confidence to bowl in different wickets. Most importantly, he knows how best to use the conditions according to his strength. Rest of the Indian bowlers need to learn from this youngster.

The Indian team has always been short of quality in the bowling department. During this T20, it would be Irfan Pathan, Harbhajan Singh, R. Ashwin, L Balaji and Zaheer khan to handle the responsibility. Which team would get scared of these bowlers? Geoffrey Boycott would jump out of his seat and may say, ‘Even my grandma would tonk them all around the park’. Only Zaheer and Ashwin may raise few questions, with the former prone to injuries and inconsistency, the bowling just does not fit into international level. While, the rest of the bowlers are trying to make a comeback into the Indian team. They are low on confidence.

The Indians are known for bowling well with the new ball, but are embarrassingly pathetic when it comes to death bowling. MS Dhoni seems to be clueless and seems to throw the ball to whom he trusts. But the ball is soon deposited on the stands by opponents. Ashwin is the best bet, but he can only bowl a total of 24 legal deliveries in a match. The Indian bowlers are the worst when it comes to death bowling. The bowlers lack change of pace, if they do so also, they are half trackers, which get deposited to the stands. None of the bowlers have the much needed pace to neither bounce the batsmen out nor crush their toe with the yorkers.

The Indian team has improved upon their fielding by leaps and bounds, but their bowling is still found wanting against quality opponents, which is the main reason why India will not lift the 2012 T20 World Cup.


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