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Will Andy Murray make US Open 2012 his maiden grand slam title?

September 6, 2012

US Open 2012 champion, Andy Murray,

Which is the most clichéd question in the ATP? The one, which repeatedly to one’s mind – When will Andy Murray win his first grand slam title? Whenever a grand slam is scheduled to take place, the above said question is on everyone’s lips, especially Brit Tennis fans. Only Andy Murray can put an end to this clichéd question, which has in fact become boring. He needs to win the ongoing US Open.

He has a realistic chance of winning the 2012 US Open title. He has looked in great touch throughout the tournament, where he has only dropped two sets in the championship. He has looked comfortable playing from the baseline, including his backhand along with his forehand scoring most of the points. One has to agree that the player has looked at his best in recent tournaments. Ivan Lendl, his coach also needs to given much credit for his improved quality in his game.

The player confidence level must have sky rocketed after he won the gold medal in London Olympics 2012. En route while achieving his biggest crown till date (gold medal), he defeated Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer to bring a smile upon the number of dignitaries that was present to support the Brit player. If defeating the top two players on a trot in such a prestigious event of the world does not help in building confidence to win the immediate following grand slam, nothing will.

This could be one of his biggest chances to win his maiden grand slam title, as Federer has already lost in the quarter finals against Tomas Berdych, whom Murray will play in the semis. Federer’s loss is a great piece of news as Murray does not have to break his back twice to win the title. Else, it would have been difficult for Andy to win two consecutive matches on a trot, but not impossible, as he proved during the London Olympics. He needs to oust Berdych in straight sets to give him an edge and send a strong message to his finals opponent. This would also give him much needed time to rest and bring out his best game to walk away with the title during the finals. So, if all goes well with Murray in the semis, Djokovic could be the last man standing between US Open and Murray.

It is not only fans around UK, but also Tennis lovers around the world who want Murray to be crowned champion. The game has been dominated by Djokovic, Federer and Nadal for way too long. To sprinkle life into the ATP, the game needs a new champion. The world wants Andy Murray to win his first grand slam title via US Open 2012. Will this article be the last one or the author has to boringly write on the same topic before the Australian Open – When will Andy Murray win his first grand slam title?


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