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Liverpool needs a striker : Drogba and Michael Owen a possiblitly

September 3, 2012

Drogba, Shanghai Shenua Football club, Liverpool

Liverpool offloaded nine players in the summer transfer window and signed four players. So, it was no surprise when Liverpool only trained with 19 players on Saturday before they played Arsenal on Sunday, where they lost 2-0. It reflects the depth in the reds squad. In the past three games , they have only scored goals through set pieces, not one in open play. The Liverpool squad is in a serious need of a striker, who can turn around fortunes for the club, which has only been basking on the past glory. Their current strikers, Borini and Suarez have lacked the firepower in front of goal, though their game and link up has not been bad.

Brendan Rodgers admitted that he would not have sent Andy Carroll on loan, had he known that there would be no one to replace Carroll. If he fails to get any strikers in the coming weeks, Rodgers might ask Carroll to comeback to Liverpool during the January transfer window. Rodgers does not have much option left now in the striking front. Some youngsters from the academy might also be used, like Morgan.

But, there might be some good piece of news for Liverpool fans, as Michael Owen is a free agent and might consider a move to Anfield, if Rodgers asks him to. As per various news reports, there are teams in the English Premier League, who are already in queue for the player,like Stoke who is already said to have approached the player. Owen is not going to take a haste decision, he will decide about his future in a week’s time. Read this story for more on Michael Owen, (

Another player who Brendan Rodgers would be looking with keen interest is Didier Drogba, as a boardroom struggle in his present Chinese club, Shanghai Shenhua may lead Drogba been released due to his expensive wages. If this is the case, then Drogba like Owen would become a free agent. But, there is no certainty about the matter as of now.

If Drogba is out in the open, Liverpool must be the first team to jump in for the player and no one should even get a sniff, though Real Madrid might have a shout for their manager, Mourinho has always loved working with Drogba and their success rate is also quite impressive. Drogba might be older than Owen, but he is still one of the most feared strikers of world football. He is a player, who has proved himself in the EPL day in and out for Chelsea, so he can still come up with repeat performances in Liverpool colours. Why not?

Liverpool’s financial condition does not seem to be on the right track, hence the club put up such a low bid for Demspey. So, will the owners raise funds for Drogba who will not come for cheap money? So, a realistic move seems- Michael Owen heading towards Liverpool. Though, there are some risks involved in this move as well. But, after Arsenal’s match, one felt the need for a class striker at Anfield, so it would not be surprising if FSG break upon their bank and go all out for Drogba. This is one of the best way to get the Liverpool fans back, who are utterly disappointed with the transfer deadline day, where they did not get any striker as Carroll’s replacement.


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  1. Drogba is a big player that will not like to play in a club that will not go for champions league, but i think he should go back to chelsea and meet Hazard.

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