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Carroll and Dempsey Transfer saga: Liverpool also set sights on Sturridge and Huntelaar

August 27, 2012

Daniel Sturridge,Liverpool, Andy Carroll, Clint Dempsey

Andy Carroll, Clint Dempsey, Daniel Sturridge, Charlie Adam, Huntelaar are names doing rounds in the transfer window for the Reds. All these players are expected to move in or out of Liverpool Football Club. Nothing substantial has come out for any of the said players. But, as usual, the transfer window gets busy in the last week of transfers, before it reopens on January.  Brendan Rodgers, after the Manchester City game has hinted at signing some more players, which just adds a nice flavor in the transfer market.

Dempsey has been the most discussed player for Liverpool ever since Brendan Rodgers took over Liverpool football club. The Fulham player has also showcased his interest in joining the reds, but as per Fulham there has been no bids that have been placed as of now by Liverpool. Liverpool is also said to be interested in the player, Dempsey who can play up front and several other positions. Liverpool could use Charlie Adam as a bait, plus cash to get their player.  It would not be surprising to see incidents unfurling as mentioned.

Another Liverpool player, Andy Carroll may be the most unfortunate player if Brendan Rodgers agrees a deal with some other clubs for the 6 ft Liverpool striker, who was unimpressive last season as well. The player does not fit into Brendan Rodgers scheme of things. On the contrary, Andy Carroll does not want to leave the club. Carroll does not have any control over transfer matter, but Brendan does, so he has to accept what comes along his way. West Ham and Newcastle United are interested in signing the player. Liverpool want 20 million, but the Newcastle think tank does not want to spend such money. As per latest transfer news/rumours, Newcastle may come to the transfer table with GBP 17 million. That’s the best they can offer. Will Brendan take it? Yes, they should.

If Carroll is sold to some other club, Liverpool needs to be quick in finding alternatives. They do not want another Torres situation. Brendan Rodgers is a very organized manager. Don’t expect him to splurge money just for the sake of it. Hence, they seem to have set their sights on two good strikers, who could change Liverpool fortunes, Daniel Sturridge and Huntelaar. Sturridge may be a better option and a realistic one too, but will Chelsea sell their striker, is another part of the story.

So, with just 5 days for the transfer deadline to end, we are in for a very interesting week. Do not be surprised, if none of the above said players switch clubs, but another new set of players come into the limelight and make way out of or into Liverpool Football Club.


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  1. milesffc permalink

    Do you think that Liverpool will still bid? It seems weird that they would have left it this long whilst making other signings. There is the added confusion of the message that appeared on the owners website, as well as Fulham saying there have been no bids. With Sunderland being hailed as favourites, it is all getting a bit weird now. I wrote an article on it a while back.

    • Liverpool can see some addition after Brendan Rodgers said that Liverpool would sign few more players….cz this guy only says things when he is likely to do something himself. He is a confident person. So, I have faith on what he said.

      • milesffc permalink

        In that case why hasn’t he made a proper bid already? It isn’t like LFC do not have cash!

      • Guess, they want the Carroll deal to take place first …may be by tonight or tomrw…we might c that happening….

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