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Liverpool gets to the worst possible start in 2012/ 2013 EPL season

August 18, 2012

Liverpool lost to WBA

Liverpool fans were pleased after Brendan Rodgers took over one of the most coveted jobs in world football-to manage Liverpool Football Club. Huge promises were soaring high above Anfield. Football experts could sense unity at Melwood and expectations were on the rise. But, when it mattered most, Liverpool failed as a team in the first match of the 2012/2013 EPL season against West Bromwich Albion in spite of their two signings, Borini and Allen making their debuts.

It was the worst possible start that Liverpool could have imagined. They suffered an embarrassing defeat in the hands of West Bromwich Albion with the score reading 3-0. It would not have been surprising, had Liverpool been on the receiving end of around 5 goals after their dismal display on the opening day. It is worth mentioning that WBA missed many opportunities to score along with a penalty, which was saved by Reina.

The story was no different for Liverpool from last season, where they were not able to convert their chances in spite of playing a good game. Liverpool got a fair share of their chances in the first half of the match, but yet again they failed to capitalize. Suarez may have been talked about highly by Liverpool and the EPL fans, but his finishing is still found wanting. Fabio Borini has to be strong up front if he wants to be successful at the club.

Though, one has to agree that Liverpool were once again on the receiving end of some harsh decisions. But, there is no point complaining about some judgments that were made by the referee. Their performance has only dampened the spirit at Anfield after showing so much of expectations earlier. None of the players were impressive in the match. Gerrard, their most trusted player was way out of colour. It was very uncharacteristic of him to make so many errors in the game; especially his passing was way off the mark. The skipper needs to set the right example for the team. Other players like Agger, who received a red card has to be careful while making tackles. The same goes for Skrtel too.

Liverpool has a tough EPL schedule in the coming weeks. Hence, they need to improve upon their performance, if they are to fight for any place in the 2012/2013 EPL season. If not, Liverpool may well finish the season like last year. But, it is too early to make any call at this hour. Still 37 games are left for Liverpool to play in the EPL. Fortunes can change. It was just the first match, but they need to improve quickly.

Wish them all the best for the remainder of the season.


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