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Key players for Spain in the Euro cup finals against Italy

June 30, 2012

Spain has been one of the best team in the championship so far. They would be considered as favourites to lift the title, when they meet Italy in the finals of the competition. It is their players who has had a good run in the competition, so they must repeat their performance or may be even better their game. Some Spanish players who would hold the key for the game are Xavi Hernandez, Xabi Alonso, Iniesta, G. Pique, Casillas and Fernando Torres.

Xavi Hernandez, Spain

Xavi Hernandez and Iniesta have been the two most important players for Spain at the center of the park for many a years now. Their teams look incomplete even if one of them are missing. Both of them have a similar role during the game. They are the playmakers for Spain. Spain, to a large extent depend on these players to provide the much needed assist for goal scorers. They are exactly aware of the players presence on the field. They also make those threading passes to strikers upfront. Apart form these, they have also been a proven goal scorer for their national team, which makes them a potent combination during the finals of European Championship.

Xabi Alonso, another creative midfielder has been one of the consistent performer for Spain. He is someone Del Bosque can trust to give it his all during the game on both sides of the pitch, offensively and defensively. If Xavi and Iniesta are masters of the short passing game, Alonso is someone who can make passes accurately 50 yards down the pitch. His passes are most of the times on the receiver’s feet. He is not afraid to take shots from outside the box and if he comes out with his shooting boots during the finals, the Italians will be at the receiving end.

Fernando Torres may or may not be considered as a first choice striker for the Spaniards on the last day of the Championship. But, if chosen, he is a player for big occasions, as he has shown in the past. At present, he may not be at the best of form, but on his day, he can even make the best of the defenders look stupid with the ball on his feet. It depends upon Del Bosque, as to who does he want to play upfront.

Iker Casillas, Spain football captain

Apart from the offensive players, the defensive line up of Spain also needs to play a major role. Hence, Casillas and Pique must be on top of their game. With players such as Mario Balotelli on top form, the Spaniards need to watch out for his moves which could prove to be a big difference between victory and defeat.

For Spain to win the championship, rest of the players who has not been mentioned above also needs to play out of their skin to take the trophy back to Spain, which they won in 2008.


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