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Arsenal may lose Van Persie if a big offer is made

June 17, 2012

Van Persie, Arsenal,

With only a year left in Van Persie’s contract for Arsenal, there are chances that the player might look for options elsewhere. There are a host number of teams to lure the player out of Arsenal. Manchester City, Juventus, Paris Saint Germain are some teams that are eager to sign the player and bolster their squad. Will the Gunners offload the player, who has been on great striking form for Arsenal?

Arsenal has never been known for going deep into their pockets, unlike Manchester City, Juventus etc. Hence, the player might be offered big money elsewhere. If this is the case, Arsenal would not be able to meet up to their demand and might be forced to sell him. It is understood that the player would not be sold for less money. Manchester City is understood to have targeted him as one of their top priority. They are ready to sell some strikers to sign Van Persie.

It could be a positive sign for Gunners if they sell the player, as he could become a free agent next season, which is not going to help Arsenal, neither the player. A smart move is to hit the iron when it is hot. Sometimes a club needs to think about the money aspect too, which could do wonders for the club. Imagine if the club sells the player for GBP 30 million, Arsenal can put that money into good effect too by investing into the youth. They have a great manager in Arsene Wenger to search for the right talent as he has done in the past for a meager amount.

The club has already acquired the services of Lucas Podolski, who could be a great addition to the squad. His goal scoring ability is something which the Gunners are eager to witness in the English Premier League. They are also very close on signing another striker ­Olivier Giroud. These could be enough signs that the player would be sold, but not at a low cost. With teams like Manchester City interested in the fray, Van Persie can expect his wages to double up.

The player is busy during the ongoing Euro 2012, so he has decided to keep all these things behind and focus on the national team. He will decide his future after the European championships are over.


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