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Harry Redknapp likely to be replaced by David Moyes as Tottenham manager

June 13, 2012

Harry Redknapp, Tottenham manager

Relationship between Tottenham’s manager Harry Redknapp and Chairman Daniel Levy seems to have reached a point, where they would not be able to work together under the same umbrella of Tottenham Hotspur. Hence Harry has not been offered another new contract, as his existing contract is scheduled to expire next season. If we read between the lines, it is a clear statement by Tottenham asking Harry Redknapp to leave.

Already there are rumours going around the football arena, which states that David Moyes might be roped in as a new manager, if Harry Redknapp decides to leave or is asked to leave. Though, Harry is stubborn and says that he is not resigning, but deep down he too knows that he has few hours left to take a call and leave the club with respect rather than disgrace.

Had Tottenham qualified for the Champions League, things could have looked a bit different. But, it is not fair to Harry, who had given it all to the club. The two most important people in the entire episode, Harry Redknapp and Daniel Levy are expected to meet alone and discuss about the deal. It is for sure that the talk is not going to be a long one. On all probability, it may be for the last time that these two people would meet one another. But, it would be interesting to see if Tottenham throws him out; would they be willing to pay him GBP 3 million as part of his last year contract?

It is better if Harry decides to leave Tottenham for he is one of the top managers in world football. He is not going to be out of job for long. Clubs would want to acquire his services.  He has been one of the successful managers in the EPL and especially with Tottenham, who is one of the best clubs in the EPL at present. Certain amount of credit needs to be given to the manager, Harry Redknapp for helping Tottenham reach greater heights.


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