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Netherlands lost to Denmark due to selfish Dutch players

June 9, 2012

Netherlands lost, Euro 2012

Netherlands dominated the game, but they lost their first encounter against Denmark, who was second favourites during the match. Denmark won the game with a single goal to their credit. The 1-0 score line does not reflect upon the chances that the Netherlands missed. But, how did they actually lose the game. Most of their players played a selfish game, hence Netherlands lost.

The Netherlands attacking line were eager to get on the score sheet that they were hardly seen playing any kind of passing game. Players such as Affelay, Robben, Persie were not playing for the team, but for themselves. Had they assisted some balls to their fellow mates, who were in a better position, they could have won the game. There were so many chances in the first half for the Dutch team to score, but they failed to do so.

On the other hand, they were an unlucky unit too, as Van Persie got so many chances to score, but could not. Had it been some other day, he would have found the back of the net at least once. But, we should not take any credit from Denmark, who were brilliant in defending their goal, as they did not allow the Dutch to score any goal, which would make any defender or a coach happy. With this start to the championship, Denmark has just increased their chances of reaching the next round.

On paper, it was evident, which was the better team out of the two. No prizes for right answer. But, Netherlands failed to play as a unit in their first match of the championship, which is going to hurt them real bad, if they fail to progress in to the next round of the competition.


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