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Will England win Euro 2012 championship? No, they won’t

June 7, 2012


The Euro 2012 championships is scheduled to start from tomorrow, 8th of June. Teams have reached the host nations, Ukraine and Poland. England , one of the most hyped team has also reached Poland. The English team would be so hungry for this title, which they have never won. Will England make it to the finals and win the Euro 2012 Championship? The answer is painful for English fans, as they themselves know the answer. It is a straight no.

It is ironical when the English Premier League is the best domestic football competition in the world, but we cannot say the same when we come to the England national football team. We cannot disagree with the fact that England has some of the best individual players in the world. Players such as Gerrard, Terry, Rooney, Carroll, Cole just to name a few have all proved themselves at various club levels, but when they join hands and play together as a unit under the national flag of England, they fail to ignite.What happens to these set of brilliant players remain a mystery to me.

This current team under Roy Hodgson has plenty of talent like the English team of the recent past, who were strong on paper. They were often considered to be favorites, but guess, this time around we cannot even call them ‘one of the favourites’ too, it is better suited if we call them dark horses.

Just to rub salt into the English fan wounds, some of their important players such as Lampard and Cahill have been both replaced in the Euro squad due to injuries, which makes their team look less stronger (Critics would in fact say, look weaker).  Rooney would also be missing some crucial matches due to suspension. Apart from this there has been questions raised over the teams selection , especially Rio Ferdinand’s exclusion, which has been a major talking point.

The English team has been grouped into not such an easy group, along with host nation, Ukraine, Sweden and France. They need to win at least two matches to progress into the next round. France and Sweden could be a litmus test, which determines their progression. Do they have it in them to qualify for the quarter finals stage? I would be tongue tied to this question, as anything can happen. But one thing is for certain, they will not win the championship.There are better teams than England in the competition, who will walk away with the trophy.


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