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Liverpool to play Tiki-Taka football under Brendan Rodgers

June 5, 2012

Steven Gerrard, Liverpool,

Tiki Taka football is one of the most attractive style of playing football, which makes the game look even more beautiful. Brandan Rodgers, who has replaced Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool’s manager would be following the Tiki Taka style of football, which brought success to his former team, Swansea football club. He would try to replicate that model into the Liverpool side. But, does Liverpool have such kind of players who can adapt to the short passing game?

There are some players in the current Liverpool squad who will perfectly fit into such scheme of things. But, on the other hand, there are few, who might have a tough time adjusting to such style of football that they have not been acquainted to. Rodgers need to play his cards wisely and bring in some players who would make the best use of this style of football during the transfer window. Dalglish had brought Charlie Adam from Liverpool last season, who has a great long range passing ability. But, his long range services might not be required during the season, as they would focus primarily on short passes and keep good possession of the ball.

But, Jordan Henderson could be the best bet for Liverpool in the short passing style football. He is very good at it, as he can move with or without the ball with ease and distract defenders away, which would be essential. It might just be his season, for the style that Brendan Rodgers is famous. Apart from this young English lad, their two players who are out on loan, Joe Cole and A. Aqualini needs to be brought back, as their game would fit Rodgers bill perfectly.

Both these players have failed to impress Liverpool in whatever opportunity they have got. They have the game and the much required skills to be an Anfield hero. So, this might just be the season for them, when they play to their potential. Both these players could be a huge hit under Rodgers, as they are attacking players with quick passing skills. Especially, Aquaman needs to showcase his class at Anfield, as he has been a favourite among fans at Anfield. They know how special a player, Aqualini is.

Suarez has been impressive this season, though he may have been unlucky to score less goals than expected. But, with this style of football, there are chances that the Liverpool striker could use his one touch passes to its maximum level and score goals for the club. He can be a huge threat for opponents and he would like to erase all the memories that has been associated with him last season and start fresh under Rodgers. Gerrard as usual can walk into any team he wants to. He is for sure going to adapt to this style of football in double quick time than the rest. Indeed, he might excel , as we have witnessed many an instances where he has linked beautifully with Suarez and also Torres in the past with one touch fluid passing game to score a goal and sometimes assist too.

Pepe Reina might be excited with the prospect of playing a high defensive line, as he has been one of the best goalie, as far as passing and sending a long ball across are concerned. He has a great counter attacking brain, which would just add fluidity in Liverpool’s attack this time around.

Barcelona has mastered the art of playing such kind of football. Hence, they are one of the best clubs to watch while plying their trade on the football field. Will Liverpool be able to replicate it and bring laurels to the club? If it does happen, Tika Taka football would be on the lips of every Liverpool fan.


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