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World Champions such as Viswanathand Anand and Marykom are not driven by money, like cricketers

June 3, 2012

Viswanathan Anand, World Chess Champion, 5 times

Viswanathan Anand won the World Chess Championship for the fifth time in his career. He won the championship in 2000, 2007,2008, 2010 and the latest, 2012 at Moscow. Many Indians would be surprised to hear about such feat, as the Indian population thinks; cricket is the only game that India plays. It is time for Indian sports lovers to look beyond the game of cricket, which has been covered by a thick blanket of the BCCI’s treasure. Hence, other sportspersons fail to get the recognition that they deserve, as Cricket is considered to be a religion in India.

The feat that has been achieved by Anand is a humongous one. How many world champions do we have in India, in any sport? One that straight away comes to our mind is Marykom, the world women’s boxing champion, who has won the world boxing championship 5 times too.  Yet, both these athletes are not popular in the Indian sporting arena. Surprisingly, they might be well known in other parts of the world than India. Only the selected few Indians know about their achievement. Ask any Indian sports journalist about cricket, they will answer like they know it more than anyone else. But, when you ask a simple question like how many world titles has Marykom or Anand won, they will not be answer you confidently. But, some journos who think that the world of sports is more than cricket may give you the answer.

Marykom, world champion,

It is not by fluke that such athletes have been winning world championships on a consistent basis. Their determination, concentration and eagerness to succeed have brought them to a position, which no other India may achieve in the future. They do not get much attention from the media, but still they are not deterred by it. They carry on with their sincere efforts hoping to reach the stars by bringing laurels to the nation. They are true sportspersons of the country, as their love for sport is much more than the Indian currency.


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