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Brendan Rodgers for Liverpool?

May 30, 2012

Brendan Rodgers

Until last week, it was Roberto Martinez who was said to be the favourite to replace Kenny Dalglish as Liverpool’s manager. But, it seems, after all the talks, Martinez is not that keen on the job. But you never know, as it is one of the most prestigious jobs in world football to manage Liverpool. Though, Martinez still remains unclear as to where his interest lies, but he has to choose between Liverpool and Wigan Atheltic. No one likes a waiting game.

Brendan Rodgers, Swansea Manager, who had earlier rejected to be even interviewed by the Liverpool owners, seemed to have changed his mind and look towards Liverpool. Earlier there were too many contenders, hence he might have rejected the idea straight away, but if Liverpool comes to him once again, he knows he has a greater chance of managing Liverpool in the upcoming season.

Liverpool think tank has been impressed by his style of play, which resemble Barcelona’s style of passing game. But does this style suit Liverpool style of play, where they try to play aerial ball and use the wings to make use of the width that they have. But, as of now, Liverpool has still not approached Rodgers for a second time. In fact, will they?

The Fenway Sports group has all the money in the world to get any coach they want. But, it is not about money. Coaches or managers want to get full control of a football club, especially the transfers, but the owners do not seem to be heading that way. They might give that privilege to Louis van Gaal, who more or less looks certain as Liverpool’s Sporting Director. So, managers might be stripped off their power, which seems to be a major deterrent for the contenders. .


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