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Shahrukh Khan, Kolkata Knight Riders owner with lots of emotions

May 25, 2012


Without a shadow of doubt, Shahrukh Khan is the most popular franchise owner in the history of IPL. He is the co – owner of Kolkata Knight Riders, who has already reached the finals of the IPL to be played on 27th May 2012. Apart from his popularity, he has also been very passionate whenever his team is on the field.

He is never shy of portraying his emotions on the field/stands. He lets the entire world know when he is happy or disappointed. He was ecstatic when KKR defeated Delhi Daredevils in their last outing. He was seen taken a lap of honour acknowledging the crowd support. He even performed a untidy looking somersault to please the fans. He is a very affectionate person too, as he was seen hugging each and every KKR player after they reached the finals.

He is the number 1 Bollywood actor, so he is expected to be busy 24/7. But still, he is always present in the stadium to support his team. One wonders how he manages his time between IPL, family and his film shootings. It clearly reflects his seriousness about his team and the competition. One has to add, not all team owners are present in the ground like King Khan.

Some may say, he has been in the headlines for the wrong reason during the IPL. No body can deny this fact, but it is the passion he has for the team that makes him energetic and in the heat of the matter, takes some decisions , which he regrets later. It all happens at the spur of the moment, so one cannot blame the star actor. He may be an expert in reel life, but these outbursts of emotions are real.


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