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Champions League Qualification: who will finish third and fourth in the EPL?

May 12, 2012

Manchester United and Manchester City are the only two teams who has already made it to the Champions League from EPL. Two other places are up for grabs (fourth has to go through qualification). But there seems to be a close fight between Arsenal, Tottenham and Newcastle United for the third and fourth spot. One of them is sure to miss out. It would be even worse if Chelsea win the Champions League, for the blues qualify directly, toppling the fourth ranked team in the EPL.


So, the last day of the EPL seems to be an interesting one. Forget the title race for some time and focus on the Champions League Qualification.  On the last day of the 2011-12 EPL season, Arsenal will play West Brom, Tottenham will play Fulham and Newcastle will fight it out against Everton.

Newcastle has the toughest fixture comparatively, as they will face Everton, who has always been a consistent team. They have created major upsets in the past. If Newcastle lose the game, then Arsenal and Tottenham qualify irrespective of the result. So the tables can only change, if the Magpies play out an impressive game, which they are capable of.

On all likelihood, Arsenal and Tottenham with their form this year look favourites to win their respective game. But, never under estimate any EPL team, as the League history has suggested so. The team ranked fourth in the EPL cannot still celebrate, as they have to wait for the Champions League Final result between Chelsea and Bayern Munich.


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