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Is Michael Phelps already a great Olympian?

May 7, 2012

It might not be apt, if we consider Michael Phelps in the bracket of the greatest Olympian. But, one look at his performance during the 2008 Olympic Games might make it difficult for people to exclude him. If Jessie Owns and Carl Lewis can be considered to be the greatest Olympian ever to have represented their country, Phelps also deserves the same treatment.

Michael-Phelps Swimming 2012 Olympics

He has won an amazing number of gold medals (8) during the last Olympics at Beijing. With just one Olympics, he has achieved what Carl Lewis achieved in 4 Olympics. During the process, Phelps also broke a long-standing record of Mark Spitz, where he had accumulated 7 gold medals in the 1972 Games, which was an astounding feat. Phelps, during the last Games did the unthinkable by winning eight gold medals in a single Olympics. Can anyone better this record?

It is not the quantity of gold medals, but it is the manner in which he snatched the gold medals from all and sundry. Out of these 8 gold medals, he bettered the World record in seven of them and made an Olympic record in one of them. It truly reflects upon the awesomeness of the competitor in him.

With the London Olympics 2012 just 3 months away, athletes have been preparing for the Games. People would be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Phelps in the pool of water, which has become his home. We never know, if he would be able to better his previous record of 8 gold medals, but one thing is for sure, he is going to make the pool hot with his butterfly and freestyle strokes, where he is one of the best in the competition.

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