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How Liverpool lost the FA Cup final to Chelsea?

May 6, 2012


Liverpool came, Liverpool saw the FA Trophy but Chelsea conquered at Wembley to take the trophy home to Stamford Bridge as the Blues won the FA Cup for the 7th time in their history. They won the game with the score reading 2-1. Ramires and Drogba were heroes for Chelsea after scoring in the first and the second half of the game respectively. But, it was Liverpool who did not play up to their true potential, especially in the first half.


Dalglish’s wrong tactics

Kenny Dalglish seems to have got his team’s formation wrong. He started with Henderson and Spearing. Neither of them are known for their offensive game. Was it a defensive approach? There was lack of creativity by these players in the centre of the park. Gerrard could have actually played in the centre of park instead of playing just behind Suarez without much success.Instead of Bellamy, Dirk Kuyt could have made a better striking partner for Suarez, as they have a good chemistry between themselves, as witnessed in the EPL.

Too many back passes

Liverpool this season, has been rightly criticized for their back passes, which has slowed down their game many a times. It was the same during the finals too. One cannot score goals moving backwards. They did not look to pass the ball forward in a positive manner. There were no threading runs by any of their midfielders or the men upfront. Though, they played better in the last quarter of the game, it was not enough to take the game beyond regulation time.

Not enough balls fed to Suarez

How many chances did Suarez get during the game? Hardly can we remember any such chances, where he looked threatening. The Liverpool think tank, before the match knew well enough that Chelsea would mark him tightly.  But, still they did not have any alternate plans up their sleeve, when he could not play his free flowing game. Liverpool could not provide enough balls to Suarez in the final half of the pitch. Most of the times, during the finals, he was seen at the centre of the pitch supporting his team mates and trying to get the ball away from Chelsea players, while it should have been the other way round.

Goal frame once again. Is it only bad luck?

Liverpool showed their true colours during the second half . After Andy Carroll walked into the game, the tide turned Liverpool’s way. But, it was a bit too late. He scored a goal to bring back Liverpool into the match. He seemed to have equalized the game for Liverpool, when he headed the ball after meeting Saurez’s cross with his head. But, Chelsea’s goalie, Cech came up with a brilliant save, after which the ball hit the underside of the crossbar. It could have crossed the goal line, but as fate had it, Liverpool was left disappointed.


But at the end of the day, one has to give credit where it is due. Chelsea looked better out of the two sides in the final. They were creative during the match, which resulted in the goal. They started the game in a much bright fashion, which gave them the much needed momentum for the match.  Di Mattteo, who is the caretaker manager for Chelsea, with this victory has put up a positive case forward for himself to the  Chelsea owners. It might land him with a permanent Chelsea job. Under Matteo, Chelsea players have looked a different unit altogether.



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