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Pakistan players would have added fire in IPL 5, but alas….

May 5, 2012

‘Money can buy you everything in IPL but not Pakistani players’ could have been the apt phrase for the IPL 5 auctions, as there was not a single player from Pakistan in the list of players who were to be auctioned. The ongoing IPL has been missing out on the best T20 players from Pakistan. Pakistan Cricketers were in huge demand in the KFC T20 league in Australia, and most of the players impressed all and sundry. The IPL franchises would have been pleased, if they had an option of buying players such as Afridi, Salman Butt, Umar Gul, the Akmal brothers, just to name a few.

Pakistan Cricketer, Afridi

Imagine an IPL consisting of some Pakistani players supported by Indian audiences. It would be an eye opener for politicians, who think India and Pakistan cannot gel with one another. They can play an important role in bringing peace to both the countries. Look at the only Pakistan born player plying his trade in IPL, Azhar Mahmood perform. He has been a great asset for Kings XI Punjab. He was very lucky to play in the IPL, as he has a British passport with him. Pakistan players must be envying him, when he whacks the ball for a six in the IPL. A few more Pakistan players could have brought fire in the competition.

IPL cannot be considered to be a world event, as the auctions were closed for a group of cricketers (Pakistan Cricketers). Pakistan has some of the best talented players in the world, but for no fault of their own, they cannot make moolah from the money churning tournament known as IPL. These Pakistan players must be furious to see some inferior foreign cricketers making huge money, but they are helpless. They can just sit on their couch and stare at the Idiot boxes.

Is it justified when the IPL authorities snubbed Pakistan players for the diplomatic relations between the two countries not being on good terms?  Hence, one always says, Sports and Politics should never be married with one another. Leave sports alone, as it has the power bring nations to peace. At the end of the day, it is the fans of the game that are at loss for such quality players, who could have made the IPL even more exciting.


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