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Rooney, Bergkamp and Henry’s goals explained, why it is voted as best in EPL history

May 4, 2012

More than 10,000 goals have been scored in the EPL history so far, which started in 1992. There have been classic goals that have been scored every season. Hence, a poll had been conducted, so as to find out the best goal that was ever scored in the EPL.  People around the world voted for their best goal among the shortlisted goals (10). Rooney’s overhead goal scored last year(2011) against Manchester City was voted to be the best. It was closely followed by Bergkamp’s and Henry’s goal.

Best EPL goal ever

Rooney’s overhead goal against Manchester City (Video: You Tube)

This overhead goal scored by Rooney has been adjudged the best. One has to understand that scoring an overhead goal is one of the greatest challenge for a footballer. We have often seen players scoring over head goals, but very rarely have we seen the way Rooney did against their noisy neighbours. What makes this goal stand out is the way he strikes the ball so neatly into the back of the net with his first touch, after Nani delivered the cross. Else, we have seen footballers scoring such goals after controlling with the chest or knee and then going for the acrobatic kick.

It was a difficult strike to execute keeping in mind that he had to adjust himself and take that bicycle kick when the ball was behind him. The placement of the goal on the left side of the Man City goalie with utter venom will never be erased from the minds of United fans all over the world. This goal also played an important role in Manchester’s EPL triumph.

Hardly do we get to see such quality of goals every now and then. If you watched the game live, then you should consider yourself lucky. Rooney’s goal received 26% of the total votes.

Dennis Bergkamp’s turn and sublime touch goal (Video: You Tube)

This goal scored against Newcastle United by Dennis Bergkamp may look simple to a naked eye, but the possibility of executing such a goal in a match situation is rare. Have you ever seen anyone attempting such feat at this level? We have not, because only a player of such quality would be able to do that.

It is amazing to see Bergkamp putting the ball in the back of the net with just two touches, but it was his first touch that made it all happen, where he fooled the defender by making him take a wrong turn. Before the second touch, he outmuscles the defender and places the ball perfectly in the corner. He scored a fantastic goal in a very simple manner, very reminiscent of the person he was. All this happens in a split of a second making it a sensational goal. It received 19% of the total votes.

Henry’s volley against Manchester United (Video: You Tube)

This has to be one of the best goals that Henry has over scored in his illustrious Arsenal career. He was a player for big matches and this goal is testimonial to the fact, as he scored against Manchester United. The way he has lobed the Manchester United goalie just proves the awareness he had about each and every player’s position on the pitch. Henry did not even once look at the goalie nor the goal frame while showcasing his amazing skill, which made the goal look even better. The goalie could only watch the ball sail over his head. He struck the ball with ultimate precision from the edge of the box, which people would remember for the rest of their lives. It received 15% of total votes.


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