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Real Madrid wins La liga, Jose Mourinho the best

May 3, 2012

For a team like Real Madrid, not being crowned champions of the La liga for more than three years was very painful. It was even more agonising when the same team, Barcelona won it for three consecutive seasons. But, that all came to an end when Real Madrid won their match against Athletic Bilbao last night scoring 3 goals to none. Their consistent performance during the season has brought the La Liga trophy back to Bernabeu. The credit for the team’s performance should not only go towards the players but also Jose Mourinho, their manager, who once again showed his top coaching skills.

Jose Mourinho, Real Madrid

Barcelona and Real Madrid were the major contenders for the title this year too, which was no surprise. But, this season Real Madrid looked a far more balanced side with Jose Mourinho at the helm of things. He brought the best out of the team, which the managers had failed to in the recent past.

It is not an easy task to keep players such as Ozil, Ronaldo, Kaka, Higuain, Benzema etc happy, as all of them cannot be given a place in the starting 11. Some of them had to warm the bench, and had to perform, impress the coach when given a chance. When they did, it was a problem of plenty for Jose, who handled the situation in his own way. All he wanted was result, so he put the best team in the park. Most of the times, it ended on a positive note.

He has been known for his direct talk with the media and his witty answers made him a favourite among the press (not always). Hence, the situation in the dressing room also should have been no different as he never likes to mince his words. He was respected for his tactics during the game, while sometimes he was slammed for the same. But, at the end of the day, his tactics turned out to be a better one, with the trophy in Real Madrid’s hand. Now, what do the critics have to say about his tactics?


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  1. I’m sure they will criticise his tactics as they always do. Imagine the football would play under Pep. Madrid won the league mainly through Barcelona’s inconsistencies and injuries and ironically it coincided with the same season as Guardiola’s departure.

    • I would love to disagree with you…..Madrid has scored 115 goals so far.It is no fluke..wat say ???

  2. They scored 115 goals but they still don’t play the most attractive football in La Liga. There’s no disputing that.

    • But, what it matters is all about the result… look at the EPL, Arsenal has been playing great football, but they do not have anything to show for themselves…..Just playing attractive football does not make the owners happy…..

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