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FA Cup finals: Liverpool and Chelsea players to watch out for

May 2, 2012

Liverpool and Chelsea have not been able to impress their fans in their domestic competition, EPL, which is considered to be on top of their priority list. Hence, it is time for both the clubs to salvage some pride by turning victorious when they face off at Wembley for the FA Cup final. Chelsea has booked a berth in the UEFA Champions League final and Liverpool has already won the Carling cup. But, this FA cup holds great importance to both the clubs, for that matter, all British Clubs. Hence, there are number of players in each side, who will play a key role during the finals.



Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez has been one of the best players for Liverpool this season. He seems to have struck the right form, as he scored a hat trick in his last EPL outing. He can prove to be the greatest threat during the match. He can make defenders look stupid, as witnessed in the past. His speed with the ball along with his skills makes him an ideal candidate to put his name on the score sheet for Liverpool. But, on the contrary, he has been striking the goal frame many a times, which will not be tolerated during the finals.

Steven Gerrard

Liverpool’s captain, Steven Gerrard has been serving Liverpool for many years in the famous red jersey. He has been one of the most inspirational players on the field and raises the standard of his game according to the magnitude of the match. This game asks him to show his class. If he does so, Chelsea would be left disappointed. He can play behind Suarez and create the much needed assist for the other players playing upfront. Liverpool can count on Gerrard to come up with his ‘A’ class game.

Defensive pair of Skrtel and Agger

They have been the best defensive pair in the EPL so far. They have been solid at the back creating trouble for strikers upfront. Their strong physical game needs to be showcased, if they are to win their second trophy of the season. Liverpool has conceded only 38 goals this season, one of the best defensive records for the season. Liverpool would depend on this defensive pair a great deal to stop the threat that would come from Drogba, Torres and co.


Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres, a former Liverpool player has a very strong chance to be a hero for Chelsea, as he knows the Liverpool players, their weakness and strength. He could indeed, make himself a hero by putting up a clinical performance and remove the zero tag from his name after his dismal performance for the Blues during the season. Though, Chelsea fans would be expecting lots from him after his recent hat trick. When in form, he can make life tough for his former team mates. His burst of pace with his finishing inside the box could prove to be effective.

Frank Lampard

Lampard was not used in most of the matches, when AV Boas was at the helm, but after Di Matteo, took over; we have seen a different Lampard. Many have been writing off Lampard, but he has been proving everyone wrong. He is a wonderful player, when in flow. He makes those threading runs when needed and also provides nice assist to help his team mates score. He seems to be in good form, so his presence on the pitch could make a huge difference on the result.

Didier Drogba

We do not know what kind of formation their manager would go in for the finals. Will he go with Torres or Drogba or both? But irrespective of his decision, Didier Drogba, even if he comes from the bench could prove to be a huge threat. His physical structure and his finishing have always been feared by defenders world over. He is good in both the air as well as on the ground. He is someone a coach would always want to bring on for he always stands tall when the team needs him the most.

Apart from these players there are plenty of other players in both the red and blue jerseys, such as Downing, Carroll, Meireles, Sturridge, Adam, P.Cech, P. Reina, who needs to play out a good game to turn out victorious.


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