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Manchester United and City remaining fixtures hold key to the EPL title

May 1, 2012

Manchester United and Manchester City have played the same number of matches, 36 with same points in the standings table, 83. But, Manchester City with a better goal difference top the table.  24 hours earlier, it was Manchester United who was singing from the top, but after their match against City, it is City who was singing ‘Hey Jude’, rejoicing their victory. Hence, Manchester City has a strong chance to life the title for the third time in their history. Manchester United needs to play Swansea and Sunderland, while Manchester City is scheduled to play Newcastle United and QPR in the last two fixtures of the season.

Manchester UNited and Manchester City

If Manchester City wins both their remaining fixtures, no one can stop them from being crowned as the champions of the season. Even United victory over their opponents would be paltry. But, Manchester United is not out of the title race, but they need to depend on Newcastle United to help them win the title.

City’s toughest match, without a shadow of a doubt would be against the Magpies. They are also in close shout for a Champions league spot, which they would like to achieve. Man City is fully aware of the threat that the Magpies can bring to the pitch and make this defeat against United insignificant. If City wins this game, then on the final fixtures, Tees and banners would be ready with Champions 2012/13 season printed on it, as they will be favourites to register a victory against QPR.

On the other hand, United can just wait and watch, but need to win their games. They have lost the grip from the trophy, which they had with them until March. But, City was always very close on their heels and they showcased their class when it counted the most. If City slips in any of the matches, ‘Glory Glory United’ would be heard loud all over Manchester. Even their noisy neighbours would keep mum.


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