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Bayern Munich win against Real Madrid, reach Champions league finals

April 26, 2012

The semi-final clash between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich was one of the most awaited games in recent weeks with quality players on both sides. With players such as C. Ronaldo, Kaka, Ribery, Gomez, Robben at disposal, the match promised to be classic one. Indeed, it was a classic. Neutral fans loved the game for its end to end stuff. But it was Bayern Munich fans that had the last laugh, as they won the match via penalties (3-1), after the game finished 2-1 favouring Madrid. Their first leg defeat to Bayern at home proved costly for Real Madrid.

Earlier during the game, it was C. Ronaldo who scored through a penalty giving Madrid the much needed lead early on. Once again, Ronaldo showed his skill during the game as he scored his second for the night. Ironically, it was the same player who failed to convert his penalty kick, when it counted the most during the shootout. Bayern were putting pressure on Madrid, which paid off, when Pepe committed a foul inside the box, resulting in a penalty that was converted by Robben.

Only 30 minutes into the game, the match had already peaked and the players were seen giving it their all. They were desperate for a place in the finals of the Champions league. When both the teams walked out of the game after the completion of the first half, it was time not only for the players to take a breather but also the fans who were equally involved in the game through their vocal support.

Bayern Munich Vs Real Madrid

Chances fell for both the sides after the break, but they were not able to capitalise on it. Hence, both the goalkeepers were kept busy and how will did the goalies respond to the challenge. It was top flight football at its best. Even when the game moved into extra time, past the regulation period of 90 minutes, neither of them was able to score. Even after the completion of 100th minute, there were no sign of tiredness or fatigue by players on the ground. Three yellow cards were dished out during extra time, reflecting upon the energy left in their gas tank. When the whistle blew for the completion of 120 minutes of football, the finalist still had not been decided to face Chelsea. Hence, the game headed for a penalty shootout.

Now, all eyes were on the goalies of the respective teams, Iker Casillas (Real Madrid) and Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich). Players taking penalties could be either hero or zero. For Real Madrid, there were several zeroes, such as C. Ronaldo and Kaka, whose penalty kicks were saved by Neuer. Sergio Ramos also failed to convert his spot kick. Though, Philip Lahm and Toni Kroos failed to score for Bayern, still they could afford to smile, all thanks to Neuer. The hero of the night undoubtedly would be Manuel Neuer for tremendous goalkeeping skills to keep Real Madrid at bay. Neuer singlehandedly cancelled Real Madrid’s ticket for the finals.

But one has to say that Bayern Munich deserved to win the semi finals for the quality of football, both home and away. In the second leg, they were very constructive and their midfielders had a major role to play in it. If they play in the same manner against Chelsea in the finals of the competition on May 19, Chelsea might be the second best during the night. Bayern will have an upper hand, as they would be playing the finals on their home ground.


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