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If Comolli has been sacked, Kenny Dalglish deserves to be shown the exit doors too

April 13, 2012

Comolli, Liverpool's scapegoat

Liverpool has had a very disappointing season so far, especially the EPL, where they have been way off the mark. So, much was expected, after they spent huge sum of money during the transfer window before the season started. Primarily, it was Damien Comolli, who played a huge role in signing players for Liverpool. Huge money was spent on Andy Carroll (January transfer), C. Adam, Downing, Henderson etc, which did not prove to be fruitful. They have only been mere shadow of themselves. Hence, Liverpool’s axe fell on Comolli few days back.

Though, it is not justified, when his work was to scout players, not to make them score goals. He did his job in the best manner possible, but how can one help when the players fail to perform?  It would not be surprising if Dalglish along with some more players are sacked after the season ends. Qualifying for the elusive Champions League spot had been declared as their prime objective, but they failed miserably.

If Comolli has been shown the exit doors, Dalglish has done no better to stay at Anfield. The Carling Cup triumph may just save him. In fact, Comolli has been used as a scapegoat for Liverpool and basically Daglish’s failure to unearth Liverpool’s true potential.  If he wins the FA cup, he would for sure be retained with Liverpool. He is favourite among Liverpool fans and will be backed all the way. But, some of their fans have been showing frustration during the games. Liverpool has failed as a team. Hence, the Liverpool think tank might have to take tough decisions.

Dalglish has players at his disposal. He has not been able to find the best possible team to start their fixtures. With three strikers in the team, he could not strike the best position for them. Did they not think about the consequences with the number of strikers in the team?  Liverpool has too many midfielders in the team also, which has not been circulated in the right fashion. Henderson, for all money has been given too many starts by King Kenny. Is Henderson better than Kuyt? The latter has been warming the bench many a times during the season. Liverpool’s back has been doing a great job this season, but they too have started to slip in recent matches. Many were suggesting Liverpool’s squad depth to take them all the way. But, somehow they lost their way since the first few weeks itself. ,

How long can Liverpool bask on their yesteryears glory? A team, which used to win trophies regularly, now satisfy themselves with smaller trophies like Carling Cup. Do they need a remake from the existing squad to add bigger and important trophies in their cabinet? If this is the case, King Kenny might be the first one to be shown the exit doors. Even if he is not sacked, this season has been another failure for Liverpool fans all over the world.


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