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Manchester United’s loss opens up EPL title race for Manchester City, still United favourite

April 12, 2012


Manchester City must have locked themselves in their rooms and prayed for Manchester United’s loss against Wigan, which looked improbable before the first minute whistle blew. But, if it is the case, their prayers have been answered as United suffered a shock defeat where the score line read, 1-0. Hence, the title race is open once again. Manchester United surely would have had one hand on the trophy, had they won their game yesterday. But, it was not to be. Yet, they are favourites for the title.

Manchester United and Manchester City are placed first and second in the EPL standings with 79 and 74 points respectively. If Manchester city won their last game against Arsenal, things could have looked spicier. There are chances that United would still win the title even before the league is over. They have an upper hand. But, we never know what the beautiful game has to offer.


United and City have 5 matches remaining. United seem to have easier matches en route to the finish line. Aston Villa, Everton, City, Swansea and Sunderland will challenge United in the last 5 games of the season. Hence, United’s game against City is going to be a humdinger of a match, where the competition could soar above normal temperatures and decide the EPL title. Everton could be a tricky fixture for United.

On the other hand Manchester City also has a similar fixture awaiting them. Norwich, Wolves, United, Newcastle and QPR are obstacles, which City has to clear. As said earlier, it is the United’s clash with City, which will be the match to watch out for. Newcastle, who has a great chance of qualifying for the Champions League would give it all, making things difficult for City.

Even after their defeat yesterday, Manchester United are well on their way for the title. They need to play poorly to let the title slip away from their grasp. The writing is clear on the wall. Manchester City has to win all their remaining fixtures and hope that United lose two of its remaining matches, (no drawn matches assumed for simple calculation) if they are to stand any chance of being crowned as champions. Else, Manchester United fans would be singing glory glory United for the 20th time, which in itself would be another record.


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