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When Mumbai Indians disrespected the game of cricket and IPL

April 9, 2012

Mumbai Indian needs to be disciplined.

Amidst the glitzy opening ceremony of IPL season 5, there was a segment, where captains took the MCC spirit of cricket pledge. Mumbai Indians did not take it seriously, it seems. In their match against Deccan Chargers (9th April 2012), the Mumbai players lost their cool, when the square leg umpire did not give the batsmen, Sanagakkara his walking orders after he played on to his wickets. The umpire thought it was deflected from the keeper’s pad.  It was a mistake by the umpire, which could have been dealt in the best manner possible by Harbhajan Singh, MI skipper. Instead, his aggressive nature took over and he was a young angry man. This action was uncalled for.

It was not only the MI skipper who was embarrassing the gentleman’s game. The bowler, Munaf Patel threw the ball on the ground with utmost anger. Dinesh Karthik also joined in the act, by giving his words of wisdom, which was not needed. The scene at the centre of the park was no pleasing sight for anyone, which lasted for around 5 minutes. The three main protagonists in the shameful act were Indians.  MI players surrounded the umpires, who succumbed to the pressure from these players and asked the third umpire to take the call.

But, if we look at the overall situation, there was no need for the umpires to go upstairs. Umpires are humans, so they also make some mistakes here and there. But, the approach of the MI players did not bring the game to good light. Umpires are one of the most respected personnel in the cricketing field, but Harbhajan Singh considers himself to be above anyone else. Had Sachin Tendulkar been present on the field, such situation would have been taken care of by the Little Master in the best manner and he would have had its way. No wonder, he is one of the most respected cricketers.

This was not the only instance during their 20 overs on the field, when the MI players brought a bad name to the game. Dinesh Karthik showed his disappointment when a wide ball was given and Pollard also showed his discontent in the field for some other reason. These players surely have been backed by the richest Indian in the world, Mukesh Ambani, but still, it does not give them any license to play spoilsport in the gentleman’s game.


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