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Why Kolkata Knight Riders fail to perform in IPL?

April 8, 2012

Kolkata Knight Riders co-owner, Shahrukh Khan

Kolkata Knight Riders have brought some changes in their logo and their jersey colour expecting to bring them luck. They have all the ammunitions in their team to come up and deliver the goods. But still, they have not fired in any editions of the IPL. Their only exception being last year, where they faced some success, but could not go the entire distance. This season too, the results have not been favourable for them. They have lost their first two matches of the competition. Why do their team struggle, in spite of having great players in their ranks?

If you call T20, a game for big hitters, they have Yusuf Pathan, B. McCullum. If it’s about proven cricketers, Gambhir and Kallis needs no introduction. If it’s about fresh legs, Manoj Tiwary looks a good bet and if it’s about quality bowling, who better than Brett Lee should we talk about? Apart from these players they have a good blend of national and international players. What is the missing link here? Their failure has even surprised their co-owner, Shahrukh Khan.

There was a huge makeover in the KKR squad after the first three editions of the IPL. Their intent to be a successful team was seen from their purchases in the auctions before IPL 4. They brought in two of the most expensive players in the auction, Gautam Gambhir and Y. Pathan. Their squad is one of the best in the tournament. But money alone cannot win you trophies. It is not an individual sport. KKR players need  to get their act together and play as a team. How did the Rajasthan Royals win the first edition of the IPL? It was because there was a sense of team spirit in their team. RR was one of the IPL teams, which had during the time spent the least in the auction.

KKR are yet to get off the block in the points table. Hence, they are already lagging behind in the title race. They need to win matches, if they are to stand any chance of bringing laurels to the franchise. IPL is like a 100 meters sprint, where the first 20 meters play a very important role in determining the result. Still, KKR has plenty of matches to recover and then go into the offensive. But, they need to be consistent. Winning 4-5 matches successively in the IPL is tough owing to the number of quality teams at disposal. So they need to get into the groove as soon as they can.

KKR players cannot afford to go into the negative mould with these losses. Else, pressure will play into the hands of the KKR players, which none of their fans want. They are presently on 7th place in the IPL standings. That might soon change, if KKR play, true to its potential. For the competition sake, KKR needs to lift their game and give other teams a run for their money. IPL has always been known for the quality of competition; hence IPL 5 should be no different.


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