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Manchester United must lose and City must win to keep the EPL title alive

April 6, 2012

Its either Manchester United or Manchester City.

Manchester United has won the domestic competition (football), EPL, 19 times in their club history. Their noisy neighbours, Manchester City has only won it twice. They are the only two teams, which stand a chance of winning the EPL title this season. Hence, this weekend fixtures could play an important role in deciding the champions for 2012. Manchester United has an easy outing against QPR, while City plays Arsenal. It all calls for a mouth watering clash.

United lead the title race with 76 points and City is 5 points behind the leaders. There is no if’s nor but’s for City against Arsenal. They have to win the match, if they are to stay alive in the title race. Arsenal would make things difficult for City, as the gunners also have a point to prove in the competition. It is being taken for granted that Manchester United would win their game against QPR (it may be a risky assumption).

The EPL is one of the most competitive leagues in the world. So, many neutral fans (includes the author) might be rooting for a City victory and a United loss to make things go down to the wire. If it does indeed happen, then City would only be 2 points away from the title contenders. Title pressure will slowly take its toll on players.  Suddenly, the game might not just be another normal EPL game, but a game, which drains out the player both at the mental and the physical level. Manchester United may have an upper hand as they know what it takes to win titles. On the other hand, there is no chance that one can count out City for the quality of players at their disposal.

The competition is moving into the business end. Imagine, it is the last day of the EPL and the title has still not been decided. Tension would be at its all time peak with fans having sleepless nights. It is sure that the EPL trophy would be won by Manchester. Only one question remains to be answered, is it Manchester Blue or Manchester Red, who would be crowned as 2012 champions?


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  1. True indeed but I don’t think Manchester City has what it needs to win the Premiership. You have a squad which is basically motivated mainly by money.Not only that but players like Tevez and Balotelli have problems in giving 100% game after game. And on the other side Manchester United is very constant squad. But football is football and anything can happen.

    • I agree with some of our point as well as disagree.

      We cannot say Manchester City is motivated by money only, as they have some of the best record in the premiership this season.They have used money the right way. Look at the way Liverpool used it. It has all gone waste.

      You are right when you say, United have been a constant squad.we must give credit to Fergie, who has brought laurels to the club ,many a times.

      • Liverpool. I don’t understand what is happening with Liverpool, buying , selling, 40 mil for Andy Carroll. I don’t recognize this club anymore. And to think that 3-4 years ago it was one of the biggest club in europe and now it’s struggling for europa league

  2. Being a supporter of Liverpool, it just bamboozles me as to why they have not been able to perform.. They have the players in the team to do so. But still, a lot is left to be desired. One of the biggest problem is the conversion rate of Liverpool, which is one of the worst in the EPL. They have not been successful in finding the back of the net. Suarez, Carroll, Downing, Gerrard, Kuyt. Are not these players supposed to be on the scoring sheet?

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