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Andy Murray search for his first Grand Slam

April 2, 2012


Andy Murray is one of the best players in the ATP circuit at present. He rubs shoulders with the best of the best in every championship that he participates. But, till date, he has only won 22 titles. His immediate rivals, Djokovic, Nadal and Federer have won 30, 46 and 73 titles respectively. But these players have all won many Grand Slams in the open era also, which the Brit is yet to win. Murray has to win major slams to establish him as one of the greats, who ever graced the Tennis court. British fans are eager to see their home grown player lift the Wimbledon title or any other Grand Slam would also do.

One has to wonder why the Brit fails to defeat top players. He has all the ammunitions in his game to make players such as Nadal, Federer and Djokovic sweat, but he fails in the final hurdle. Yesterday’s Sony Ericsson Open championship final against Djokovic was testimonial to the fact, where he lost in straight sets with the score line reading 6-1 and 7-6. Else, he had a great run in the tournament. The 23rd title could have been an icing on the cake.

Murray is one of the complete players in the circuit. When in song, his double-handed backhand is unstoppable. Opponents fear him for his backhand. He is an amazing athlete who covers the court pretty well. When he slices the ball he is on a league of its own. Federer also takes a back seat when the slice is played with ultimate precision by the young Brit.

But, players around the world are aware of his backhand, so they try to corner him in playing a forehand, which is not his forte. He needs to build upon it. With a new coach, Ivan Lendl, he can definitely improve upon his weakness.  Overcoming this weak point may land him with a Grand Slam title. It is also his mental state while playing against the big guns, which also needs to be addressed.

It is time for Murray to wake up, as the game needs him as a serious competitor, not someone who is satisfied by reaching the semi-finals/finals of various competitions. He has the game to topple over anyone. One Grand Slam title will bring the much needed confidence to stamp his authority in the open era. He is also under lots of pressure as fans along with experts are always talking about him, as an under achiever in Grand Slams. It is time for him to remove this tag and add a Grand Slam title in his cabinet of trophies.


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